Anjelika Krylova: “The top-5 at Worlds were strong but everyone is very mature, everyone is already over 30. We want to see something new, some fresh wave.”

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Anjelika Krylova about current state of world ice dances. original source: Channel One photo RIA [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “Do I notice something that Dario Cirisano might have learned from Barbara Fusar-Poli? I haven’t noticed anything Italian. He came with the same baggage.”

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Translation of Anjelika Krylova's comments regarding Dario Cirisano. original source: RSport dd. 23d October 2023 [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “Is it possible to resume working with Angelopol? Our relationship is over; Valeriy has made his choice.”

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Translation of Anjelika Krylova's comment regarding her former student Valeriy Angelopol. original source: [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “What significance do comments and opinions have when Valeriy came and said, “I don’t want to skate with Vasilisa!”? Contracts, mutual accusations had no importance after that statement

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Anjelika Krylova about the split of Kaganovskaia/Angelopol pair and plans for the upcoming season. View [...]

“Krylova was the initiator of signing a contract which main points are discipline and mutual responsibility of both partners. All the financial aspects mentioned in the contract were purely conditional” Angelopol’s mother on the situation

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The mother of figure skater Valeriy Angelopol explained the split up of the duo with Vasilisa Kaganovskaya. [...]

“Valeriy absolutely doesn’t want to skate, convincing him otherwise was completely impossible, although he had no significant reasons for all of this.” Anjelika Krylova on Kaganovskaia/Angelopol split up

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Anjelika Krylova about Valeriy Angelopol - he "absolutely does not want to skate." View this post on [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “I wouldn’t say that ice dance is extremely injury-prone, but unfortunately, we do have injuries. Especially since many complex acrobatic elements have appeared.”

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Anjelika Krylova commented on injuries in ice dance. photo RIA Novosti source: Championat dd 23d August 2023 by [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “Benoit Richaud is a very good choreographer, but I would say more so for single skaters. And he’s very good at self-promotion.”

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova. photo RIA Novosti source: RT dd. 22d July 2023 by Elena [...]

“For me, winning the Olympic silver medal at that time felt like a shock, the end of my entire life.” Big interview with Anjelika Krylova

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Translation of a big interview with Anjelika Krylova. View this post on Instagram A post shared [...]

Annabelle Morozov and Igor Eremenko will be training with Anjelika Krylova and represent Russia

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Anjelika Krylova announced that Annabelle Morozov and Igor Eremenko will be training in her group. View [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “Chock/Bates are magnificent, but this season belonged to the Canadians Gilles/Poirier. I had hopes for their victory.”

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova. In an interview she shared the plans of her students, emotions from the past season, [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “In my first year in Russia, I couldn’t yell at athletes at all but now I’ve learned. But what can you do if athletes have been raised that way since childhood?”

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Coach Anjelika Krylova talked about the difference between athletes in the USA and Russia. photo RIA [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “I try not to put too much pressure, but it’s impossible to be gentle with our skaters”

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova about upcoming Olympics, her pair Vasilisa Kaganovskaia and Valeriy Angelopol and [...]

Anjelika Krylova: “Everyone is worried before this World Championships”

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova. Where she talks why athletes and coaches are especially worried before the World [...]

Natalya Linichuk: “I don’t want the qualifying for the Olympics turn into taking of all comers.”

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Interview with Natalya Linichuk. About champions and selection process, her athletes, Ilia Averbukh, Marina Anissina, [...]

Anjelika Krylova: I like to treat athletes the way I would like a coach to treat me

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova. About work in Russia, test skates and Betina Popova - Sergei Mozgov. by [...]

Anjelika Krylova: I would like to grow high-class athletes from a young generation

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova. About her come back to Russia. Anjelika why did you decide to return to [...]

Anjelika Krylova: Trying to follow the fashion doesn’t lead to anything good

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Anjelika Krylova about her possible return to Russia. - While it is early to talk about this. I just shared my [...]

Anjelika Krylova and Pasquale Camerlengo: we complement each other very well

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Interview with Anjelika Krylova and Pasquale Camerlengo. About their group, Turkish pair Alisa Agafonova Alper Ucar and [...]

Anjelika Krylova: we’re working like on volcano

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Translation of interview with Anjelika Krylova for Anjelika told about change of the short dance for [...]