Loena Hendrickx: “This was indeed one of my toughest summers. Winning Skate America is a real confidence boost for this season.”

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Translation of Loena Hendrickx comment about winning Skate America Grand Prix.

original source: hln.be dd. 23d October 2023

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This was stated by Nadezhda Sadvakasova, the Executive Director of the Kazakh Figure Skating Union.

Here’s the translation of Loena Hendrickx’s comment made for VTM News sports journalist Maxim Goethals and posted on hln.be

“I’m extremely proud of this performance. This is only my second win at a Grand Prix. I was quite emotional when I received my scores because I know the journey I’ve been through leading up to this competition. It had its fair share of ups and, even more, downs.”

“On the training sessions, things didn’t go as expected or as I wanted,” Hendreckx specified. “I faced many difficulties. It’s natural that you’re never in top shape right at the beginning of the season; it’s a matter of building up. But this was indeed one of my toughest summers. It was frustrating at times. Winning now is a real confidence boost for this season,” said Loena Hendrickx.


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