“I want to show this energy of holding my nice and nephew, watching them grow in my performance.” Kaori Sakamoto about her 2023/24 short program

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Kaori Sakamoto about her new short program and first competition of the season.

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Kaori Sakamoto (23), the reigning two-time world champion, took on the short program (SP) in her first competition of the season and started in 2nd place with a score of 67.28 points. “It was 2 minutes and 50 seconds of continuous tension!” she reflected while wiping away sweat.

Surrounded by cheers, she entered the rink. Her opening double axel went off track from its usual curve, causing her to become confused, wondering, “Which way is my axis?” Despite this, she completed the jump, though the landing was unstable.

“I was tense, and the speed was lacking.”

However, from then on, she successfully landed a triple lutz and a combination of flip-toe loop. She finished the program, maintaining her performance until the end.

Although there was a moment of imbalance during the step sequence, she said with a smile, “It was quite a relief to hit the 3-3 at this point.” Referring to the previous year when she withdrew from the same competition, she looked ahead, saying, “My goal this year was to participate in the Gensan Cup, so I think I’ve achieved that.”

Her new SP for this season, “Baby, God Bless You,” is a song she personally wished for, marking the first time in her competitive career. Sakamoto has two older sisters, and she chose the theme song of the TV drama “Kounodori,” which depicts the life of an obstetrician, in connection with the births of her niece and nephew in January and March, respectively.

“I was really happy when they were born.” She began to share her feelings with a smile.

“My older sisters send me videos and photos of my nephew and niece, like ‘Today’s nephew, niece,’ through LINE, which really boosts my spirits.”

Moments of holding them or experiencing their growth. Those moments have become her daily source of energy.

“I want to convert this energy into my performance.”

With Gensan in mind, she managed to keep up with the growth of her niece and nephew. “It’s like cramming for summer vacation homework, doing last-minute preparation,” she reflected, but also said, “I’m feeling very positive right now, so it’s a good feeling,” looking forward.

The free skate is scheduled for the next day, August 14th.

“Since I don’t know how it’ll turn out, I’ll concentrate on each element. Rather than focusing on results or scores, I want to prioritize the content.”

In her usual bright voice, she echoed the sentiment. This season, she continues to move forward with full energy.


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