Valtter Virtanen: “There is a good chance that I will also participate in a European Championships in the coming years”

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Valtter Virtanen about European Championships, attempt to score technical minimum for Worlds and not being ready to quit figure skating yet.

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About Challenge Cup and attempt to score the tech minimum needed for the Worlds Championships

Valtter Virtanen: This is like a kind of world championship, with an incredibly high level. I know my place. For today, I am satisfied with my score (69.91, eleventh place, ed.). Saturday will be an important day, the last chance to qualify for the World Championships in Saitama (Japan, ed.). I have to get a technical score of 64 points in my free program. Last week I got stuck at one point in Tallinn, partly due to two jumps with some small mistakes. This season, my free programs are always better than the short ones, so I think it’s manageable. (Unfortunately, Valtter scored only 58.92 TES points, ed.)

About the 2023 European Championships 2023 held in Finland

Valtter Virtanen: Fourteenth, my best result ever. It was my main goal, the last chance to present myself as Finland’s number one in front of the home audience. There is a good chance that I will also participate in a European Championships in the coming years, but it is certain that I will not experience that in Finland. It was great because both my programs went flawlessly. I improved in my skating, and the fans cheered and pushed me to an even higher level. Truly unforgettable, the best experience of my career, knowing that I am not the youngest skater anymore. (Valter is 35, ed.)

About developing as a skater

Valtter Virtanen: You generally become less of an athlete as you get older. Apparently not in my case; it’s very interesting to experience what happens to me, my body, and skating. A few years ago, I removed the quadruple jump from my program. However, this has had no adverse effect on the scores. I think I have something other younger skaters don’t have. Maturity and a better understanding of music help to strengthen the artistic side. If things go well, you gain confidence. I’m really enjoying it at the moment.

About simplifying the content

Valtter Virtanen: I lost my orientation a bit when I jumped and got scared about landing. It was weird; before I just trained it. It’s a mental block I’ve avoided by simplifying my program. That has not been at the expense of the appreciation I get for my performances. They go better because they don’t stress me anymore. The difficulty level is lower and the execution is better. Maybe I should have done it earlier, left the most difficult elements to the youngsters, hahaha!

About other sports activities 

He played tennis, football, and karate. Like many of his compatriots, he did cross-country skiing for a long time. 

Valtter Virtanen: Unfortunately, I stayed too small to play much against my peers who grew taller than me. Sports are wonderful. It makes me more confident and keeps my body fit. It is also important for my work as a doctor to be in good shape.


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