Yana Rudkovskaya: “It’s true that federations of major European countries are interested in the possible transfers of Veronika Zhilina and Sofia Titova.”

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Evgeni Plushenko’s wife, Yana Rudkovskaya, spoke about judging in Russian figure skating, and also commented on her husband’s words about a possible change of citizenship by his students.

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Yana Rudkovskaya: Regarding the statement that Evgeni Plushenko made about the judging of our girls and attitude in general towards our athletes.

Firstly, I absolutely, unconditionally and completely agree with Zhenya’s words.

Secondly, it is simply vile to force children to fight not only with rivals, but also for justice! With adults! It’s already too much.

We have endured for a long time. Moreover, I would have endured even more. But both children and parents are already tired.

We do not ask for anything, we pay for our ice, for children’s tickets, for costumes, for programs, for their accommodation in comfortable conditions, for all their trips to competitions!

Our school and our sponsors pay! Because we are a private school and they don’t help us! And we will fight to the end for every child, for their victories and dreams!

“Leave,” they say. Just imagine how quickly others will take girls with tiple and quad jumps.

In the world, only Russian athletes who can be counted on the fingers of one hand can do this. And nobody in the world can.

Do you remember the tears of Sasha Trusova at the Olympics? And now a mirror tragedy has happened at the Junior Nationals, among 14-year-old girls! The whole world is shocked, and the federation says “Well, leave.”

Journalists ask if this is true (the news that the federations of major European countries are interested in the possible transfer of Veronika Zhilina and Sofia Titova).

I confirm, it’s true. We have one homeland and there will never be another, never! Each of us is selflessly devoted to their country.

But, God, I read the comments… Who do you want to accuse of betrayal? Children aged 13-14 and their parents? Children who have a very short age in junior sports? All they are looking for is justice!

Not a new country, but a fair sport, because for them it is life. These are not just beautiful words, they really LIVE on this ice. And to see how they are ridiculed and treated unfairly is suffering.

Now the situation is that some people can do it, while others can’t. For some they don’t call underrotations and for others they don’t appreciate even clean jumps. How is that? Is this a double standard?

For 3 years we have been fighting for the justice for children, not adults. We ask fair judging for all coaching staffs. Honest!

After all, we are all for fair sport, right? And then in figure skating there an expression – “inflated scores” – that is, they gave undeserved points.


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3 Responses to “Yana Rudkovskaya: “It’s true that federations of major European countries are interested in the possible transfers of Veronika Zhilina and Sofia Titova.””

  1. Václav Sedláček says:

    If I was a FFKR official, I would gladly buy PLushy and his whole team plane tickets and say “good bye”. They are simply a-holes, self-centered, disrespectful, convinced about their own exceptionality and that the world around somehow owes to them.

    As for the scoring at russian junior nationals, they got what they deserved,actually I considered the scoring very fair, esp. in the free. In the SP, then both Zhilina and Titova, despite making serious mistakes, received the highest PCS second to only the later winner Gorbachova. In the free it once again have shown that a clean program with less quads can top more quads with mistakes.

    This married pair should finally show some respect to those who top them, like Gorbachova this time, and stop throwind a dirt around themselves, or simply quitting. Who is curious aboutt heir perpetual poisonous statements.

  2. No war says:

    Yana, you are a PR-person – good advertising for your girls;) We have seen commercials with you and your family in support for the constitutional changes which ensure unlimited power of the current Russian leader. We have seen you dancing and flirting in Kadyrov’s place. We have seen your propaganda ice shows. We have read that your husband was/is ready to go to the war. Yana, you have done your fair bit to strengthen the current state of affairs;) Again, it’s called boomerang.

  3. Matsu says:

    LOL, I’m sure Rusfed is not interested.

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