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Followed by the charity projects in London and Tokyo, FENDI’s PEEKABOO Project moves to Seoul. Three iconic women (include the olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna) who have a lot of influence in Korean culture are invited to working closly with Silvia Venturini Fendi and Fendi artisans and came together to personalize their own Peekaboo bags and created one of a kind piece.

This marvelous dress to Yuna’s 2013 short program “Kiss of the vampire” become a prototype for her Peekaboo bag.

yuna kim bag

“I was inspired by the costume for ‘Kiss of the Vampire’, one of my most memorable short skating program.  – Kim said

“In soft couio romano leather and red details of reminiscent of fresh blood in contrast with cold blue inspired by  Kiss of the Vampire are embroidered with crystal inside the bag. On the back side, beads are also embroidered to express purity yet sensual allure, the see-through back side of the costume also creates the same image.”





You can also watch the video of making of the first iconic bag created by the Olympic skating champion Yuna Kim:

The bag is just stunning! Yuna choose the perfect decor for this bag. Great combination of colors, sophisticated sequins. Elegant and stylish. I would with pleasure seen some more works inspired by Yuna Kim’s dresses. She has an exquisite taste!

I wish more skaters pay attention to fashion trends use them in their costumes. See some my suggestions for Elena Ilinykh for her Frida’s dress.

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