Kamila Valieva: “My Wednesday dance blew up the network? Well, this is exactly what we wanted!”

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Kamila Valieva about Russian Nationals, Wednesday dance and New Year.

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About Nationals

Kamila Valieva: Actually, it was very nervous, because after the short program I didn’t get on the podium, fourth place. So, in the free program, it was necessary to do the maximum – I almost did everything (Valieva took the final second place – Sports.ru).

I’m very glad that I did a quadruple toe loop, because at the last competitions I didn’t even succeed with one, but here I did two. And I’m really proud of myself.

About the exhibition program to dance

Kamila Valieva: My skating blew up the network? Well, this is exactly what we wanted! It’s cool. It is very interesting for me to try such an interesting image, so I hope that there will be many more.

Do I have a dream to dance to some music or in some image? Don’t know. I have a dream to skate a program to some modern music.

About New Year celebration

Kamila Valieva: Can a skater have Olivier salad for the New Year? Can. Everything is possible on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is just one night. In general, you need to allow yourself everything, just control the sizes of your meals. Not a basin.

Now I will have shows from December 29 to January 7, so every day there are two shows. I will celebrate the New Year with my parents, with my family.

I want to go to the skating rink with my family on the December 31st. I’ll have a show on the December 31st, then I’ll go to skate, haha. It’s like a tradition already.


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