“We had finished the first day of training together, and we knew we would be a good team” Olivia Smart and Tim Dieck

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Olivia Smart and her new partner Tim Dieck performed with a show program at the Christmas market in Germany.

photo by Michael Bause / ksta.de

source: ksta.de

Olivia Smart (25) and Tim Dieck (26) opened the show series on Tuesday afternoon (December 27) with a freestyle premiere. The ice dance duo performed together for the first time and showed what they could do together.

At the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in February, Dieck competed with Katharina Müller. After eight years of partnership, they ended their joint career in the spring. Dieck’s new ice dance partner, Olivia Smart, who had competed for Spain in recent years, was also looking for a new partner after the Olympics and the World Championships in spring 2022.

“We’ve had a difficult summer of trying things out,” Olivia said. She was about to retire when Dieck came along. “We had finished the first day of training together, and we knew we would be a good team.” 

“It’s perfect for us to skate in a show right now,” Dieck said about their first performance together. As a new duo, they are not yet allowed to compete this year, but they are already training together. Tim is still visiting Olivia in her home country (Great Britain) before they return to their “base” in Montréal in April.

Until then, the ice dancers have decided to choreograph their program to 1970’s Donny Hathaway’s “A Song For You.” “It’s cool to be able to try something that’s new to both of us,” says Olivia Smart, explaining the dance style. 


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