“Interest will fall, advertisers will leave, tickets won’t be sold well. Everyone will soon bend to Russia. The only question is how quickly.” Russians about ISU losses

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Alexander Zhulin, Tatiana Navka, Renat Laishev, Yana Rudkovskaya, and Maxim Trankov commented on the news about ISU losses.

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Earlier it was reported that the ISU reserved more than $2.5 million to cover losses, including those related to the suspension of the Russian team from international competitions. All your favorite financial experts are here to comment)

Alexander Zhulin: This is not positive news, but rather reasonable. It’s like taking the best and throwing it away altogether. Of course, interest in figure skating will fall. Maybe they’ll think about it. Have our chances to return to figure skating increased compared to March? No, they didn’t.

source: sport-express.ru

Tatiana Navka: I am not an expert in the field of finance, but it was obvious that the interest in figure skating would fall after the suspension of Russian athletes. I spoke about this when the ISU announced its decision.

Now they have to answer for their mistakes. But the fact remains. They have confirmed that they are suffering losses due to their own actions. Let’s see how events will develop further. We are living in a very interesting time.

I am sure that the international federation can remove restrictions from our figure skaters. After all, FIDE for some reason did not ban the Russians, and they continue to play, albeit in a neutral status.

It all depends on the specific organization. But if people turn on the brain, the lifting of sanctions is possible. The saddest thing is to realize that sport has never been so closely mixed with politics before. It’s utter lawlessness.

source: RT

Maxim Trankov: I am not very knowledgeable in matters of financing and pricing, but when the ISU imposed sanctions on Russia, two things were immediately clear. Firstly, figure skating is very popular in our country. Secondly, our figure skaters have a huge fan base all over the world. It was naïve to expect that their suspension would go unnoticed.

I’m not even talking about competitions. For example, I don’t understand who will watch the European Championships. Our guys regularly brought three or four gold medals from there. Now, in almost all disciplines, the level will drop dramatically, and it is not very clear whether such competitions will be possible to sell.

I think this situation will be the first sad sign for the ISU. But it is difficult for me to predict whether this can influence the federation and lead to the lifting of sanctions against the Russians. My knowledge of the topic is not enough to answer this question.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid the restrictions will not be lifted quickly. I do not consider myself to be among the optimists who believe that we will be back in a season.

source: RT

Yana Rudkovskaya: It was understandable. Now not only revenues will fall, but all advertisers will also leave. Who is there to look at? No one.

Yuzuru Hanyu is gone, Nathan Chen is gone, and our girls, for whom half the world was rooting, are also not performing now. This is a very serious blow to the sport, to figure skating in the world. Interest will fall, advertisers will leave, competitions will be treated in a completely different way. Tickets for competitions will not be bought the way they used to be. There will be a crisis now. They are well aware of what will be in the future. Any sport will suffer without Russia. Maybe except football. This is where we are not strong as in other sports. Everything should change in the nearest future.

source: sport-express

Sambo-70 President Renat Laishev: Everyone will soon bend to Russia. This applies to all areas. This is logical, reasonable, and fair. The only question is how quickly. And we all believe in Russia!

source: sport-express.ru


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3 Responses to ““Interest will fall, advertisers will leave, tickets won’t be sold well. Everyone will soon bend to Russia. The only question is how quickly.” Russians about ISU losses”

  1. J. Smarney says:

    Yes, of course the Russians will be missed but not to the extent of ticket sales suffering! People love THE SPORT of figure skating, first and foremost, & will eagerly attend any and all competitions without the Russians. The sport is too huge globally to be dramatically affected by the loss of the Russians. You, Russia, are not bigger than the sport. Calm those egos down.

  2. AA says:

    Oh, I will watch the European Championships. There are Loena Henfrickx, Ekaterina Kurakova, Daniel Grassl, Denis Vasiljevs… And I actualy believe they might be more interesting with the absence of the Russian delegation

  3. traci says:

    I don’t want state sponsored doping skaters competing with the rest of the world. Let them have their own competitions.

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