“Alena already had experience of not getting to the Olympics and managed to understand that people don’t die because of this.” Elena Vaitsekhovaskaya about Kostornaia’s prospects to continue her sports career

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Russian journalist Elena Vaitsekhovaskaya about prospects of Anna Shcherbakova, Alena Kostornaia, Alexandra Trusova and Kamila Valieva. This is part 2, about Alena Kostornaia.

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In her group on Telegram Vaitsekhovskaya explained why she thinks that the “Olympic” generation of Russian female single skaters can gradually move into the category of the second echelon.

Translation of the part about Anna Shcherbakova is here: “It’s possible that Sherbakova’s injury is a consequence of prerotations and underrotations.” Elena Vaitsekhovaskaya about prospects of Anna Shcherbakova to continue her sports career

Elena Vaitsekhovskaya: Alena Kostornaia has a very similar situation with Anya: she’s having a surgery on her hip joint next week. But the similarity is deceiving. Firstly, Alena already had an experience of not getting to the Olympics and managed to understand that people don’t die from this. Secondly, she herself clearly understands (it seemed to me so from the conversation) that it’s in her interests to return the lost shape, primarily in order to remain in the mix for various shows as long as possible. To do this, she needs to skate, skate well and, if possible, jump.

It’s like with the return of professionals to amateur sports in 1993. Everyone who returned (and even those who lost the Olympics) noted that, thanks to that return and intensive training, they found a second wind on the pro-ice.

For Kostornaia, this is important. For Pyeongchang champion Alina Zagitova it wasn’t a threat at all to loose the main role for example in “Scarlet Flower” ice show, no matter in what shape she went on the ice. Before the Olympic Games, the market for potential ice show business stars was not very large. Now it is packed with three fresh Olympians plus Alena. The exclusivity of her skating itself is a good guarantee for an engagement, and if you add top shape to this, it will be just a bomb.

If the general state of health allows, it will be possible to talk about the sports prospects of Kostornaia. In this regard, by the way, Alena has a huge advantage: Elena Radionova works with her as a choreographer – with tremendous experience of cooperation with Shae-Lynn Bourne (and the Canadian, without a doubt, is the most stylish and exclusive choreographer in the world of figure skating), plus – Olga Orlova, who trained for many years, and then worked in the USA and even managed to create programs for Alena for this season.

But here is the territory of a cat in the bag. Sometimes girls from Khrystalny have some many treated and untreated injuries that many coaches are completely unwilling to take figure skaters from this coaching staff. Which, in fact, was confirmed in a recent interview by Kostornaia herself. We can only hope that the hip injury will not be followed by new problems.

By the way, it makes sense to remember that before the Olympic Games, Sasha Trusova was also tormented by a serious ankle injury, which she managed to stop with great difficulty …

But about Trusova – in the next post


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