The ISU has extended the suspension of Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions

Posted on 2022-06-07 • 3 comments


The International Skating Union (ISU) has extended the suspension of Russian athletes from international competitions.

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source: ISU YouTube channel

This decision was made at the ISU congress, which is taking place these days in Thailand.

During the meeting, Congress confirmed the extension of Communiqué 2469, which referred to the suspension of Russian and Belarusian athletes. Sanctions also apply to ISU officials from Russia and Belarus. Competitions under the auspices of the ISU will not be held on the territory of these countries.

Decisions are in effect until further notice.


3 Responses to “The ISU has extended the suspension of Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions”

  1. GargaMail says:

    Perhaps ISU should vote for all remaining unsuspended countries to be forbidden from participating in international events organised by and in Russian Federation.

    Since participation of Russian officials in ISU congress isn’t forbidden, perhaps invited countries would chose to compete with Russian athletes with believe that perhaps children are’t to blame for parents mistakes, or are them.

    GEORGIAN athletes continue to stand side by side with Russian athletes, or maybe they were simply casted by Georgia nation from ever coming back to their motherland.

    ISU ain’t no MONOPOLY, you cannot restart the game holding prisoners in contempt whilst bank is the one that cheats and perhaps is also only one to blame.

    you can though start new game under new name and rules that stick.

    IISU – this would dismantle certain dilemma whether rollerskating, skateboarding etc. under REDBULL dirrective should be allowed to influence decision making in olympic events that has already killed the spirit of fairplay long before first “can” was opened.

    would you lie or perhaps used your bed to do it


  2. gargamail says:

    Should ISU vote to forbid all the remaining unsuspended countries from participating in Ice Skating events organised in Russia whilst Russian Skating Federation invites all countries to participate despite the suspension?

    ISU voting to suspend Russian Skaters must have been anonymous, or has it?


    ISU only ductates the rules as long as there is no alternative organisation.

    MONOPOLY style

  3. Dan Frieman says:

    ‪But Russian “officials” and officers(really Putin’s political hacks) still get the free trips and meals so they can continue to vote against the athletes’ best interests. #banRussianISUhacks. ‬

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