President of FFKR Gorshkov refused to comment and call the foreign journalists “jackals”. Also FFKR comments about Kamila Valieva missing the press-conference

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President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKR) Alexander Gorshkov did not comment after the performance of Russian figure skaters in the short program at the Beijing Olympics.

photo by Alexander Mysyanin

Kamila Valieva took first place, Anna Shcherbakova – 2nd, Alexandra Trusova – 4th.

Alexander Gorshkov: There will be no comments. I just watch to protect from these jackals (points in the direction of the writing press, where foreign journalists are).


The headquarters of the Russian national figure skating team reported that Kamila Valieva was unwell after a short program at the Beijing Olympics and will miss the press conference after the short program.

“Kamila did not feel very well after the performance. For this reason, it was decided to take her to the village as quickly as possible so that she could rest.”


Before that it was informed that Kamila Valieva, by decision of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), won’t come to a press conference following the results of the short program at the Beijing Olympic.

“Communication with journalists after the short program is not obligatory,” the organizers of the press conference said.



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