“The first day of the Olympics is already overshadowed by such ridiculous, stupid, unprofessional decisions.” Russian specialists believe Mishina/Galliamov were underscored in the team event

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Russian specialist believe that Anastasiia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov were underscored in the short program at the Olympic team event 2022.

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Tamara Moskvina: The guys reliably skate the short program. It’s the most important. You have seen that even many famous skaters from other countries who skate well make mistakes. I’m very satisfied.

But… Without any “buts”, the result is the result of not only skating, but also other components that affect the scores.

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Natalia Bestemiyanova: Mishina and Galliamov skated very well. It seems to me that it was the best performance in their lives. Just perfect.

But we are dealing with a Chinese pair who perform at home. Judges are more favorable to those who host the Olympics. And, of course, we all understand that pairs are are the only the Chinese skaters who can claim gold.

This is a very difficult situation for Mishina and Galliamov, but I really believe in their resilience, youth and experience. Today they showed it all. In my opinion, they skated better, but such is fate.

source: championat.com

Alexander Smirnov (two-time European champion in pair skating): Our guys skated very well, and these 20 hundredths mean nothing. The second mark is subjective. Let’s assume that the hosts of the Olympics have made themselves a small bonus. “Home” judging will be present, you need to prepare for this. We need to show the best, which the guys did today.

The Chinese pair showed their maximum, and our guys – only the allowed maximum. The content in the free program of Mishina and Galliamov is much stronger. According to the technical score, our guys were better even with a very small mistake, which the viewers might not notice. There was a small asynchronicity in the parallel spin, but everything else was very cool.

source: rsport.ria.ru

And a new expert in figure skating (yeah because we don’t have enough of them) State Duma Deputy Dmitri Svishchev spoke about the fact that US judge Peggy Graham gave the Russian pair Anastasia Mishina – Aleksander Galliamov less points then other judges (81.12) in the short program of the 2022 Olympic team tournament.

At the same time, Graham gave the highest score to the Chinese pair Wenjin Sui – Cong Han (84.80).

Dmitri Svishchev: I believe that in the future the international federation should take away the opportunity to allow such biased judges to competitions.

If we judge athletes on a national basis, and not on professional qualities, then we will have nothing in sports, then sports will become useless.

Unfortunately, the Americans, realizing that a judge from the United States can influence the result of our pair, make an exclusively politically incorrect decision, it is impossible to talk about professionalism here.

Five judges say that Mishina and Galliamov are in first place, and one that is in last (in fact, in second – ed.). There should be a protest from our federation, you can’t let it pass.

The first day of the Olympics is already overshadowed by such ridiculous, stupid, unprofessional decisions.

source: Metaratings.ru


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5 Responses to ““The first day of the Olympics is already overshadowed by such ridiculous, stupid, unprofessional decisions.” Russian specialists believe Mishina/Galliamov were underscored in the team event”

  1. SkatingFanCa says:

    I personally love both Mishina/Galiamov and Sui/Han. To me, they have different styles – the former team is edgy, energetic and exciting, and the latter, flowy, elegant and mesmerizing. Talking about the technical components, the Russian pair may have more consistency and complexity in side by side jumps in FP. Given the almost equal technical complexity demonstrated equally well in this SP, the tiny difference in the score just shows the artistic presentation of the Chinese pair is slightly highly evaluated by this judge panel. To summarize, this score is decent, way more subtle than some other scores that are shamelessly unfair right in your face – look at how they consistently underscore Anastasia Gubaniva!

  2. Renate says:

    es, they were excellent – but in the short it was possible to take the Chinese with such a shadow of points ahead. The Chinese have a better, more interesting programm and choreography. This matters too. It is possible, that the Chinese will not be able to bring 2 such prgorgamms clean on the ice- for the Russians it will be possible. Perhaps Tarassowa/M, will have a very good day in single competition- if they can be consistant- then they can win. T/M have also modern and very good programm. Even Boikowa/K. have now a n excellent choreography. The programms of M/G are a litte oldfashion- unforturnately. Wewill see.

  3. Julien says:

    How unprofessional are these comments especially the last one! Mishina and Galliamov had one slightly more difficult jump and were clean but not exciting (as usual) – why make a big deal? Sui and Han are very very good. How disrespectful to imply they’re only ahead because of bad scoring! These kinds of comments are not part of sportsmanship.

  4. Carolina says:

    It’s Svishchev’s commentary that is unprofessional, scoring was quite fair

  5. ana loga says:

    Mishina/ Galliamov – promising skaters, very consistent. But their PCS are way overscored here, as well in previous competitions. They are nowhere near Sui/ Han in terms of skating skills, artistry, performance, interpretation. Moskvina truly understands that they are lucky to have gotten even what they got so far!

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