“It seems I scored not much, because they judged it that way” – Morisi “take a closer look, please” Kvitelashvili on his SP in Tallinn

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Morisi Kvitelashvili (the one who asked us to take a closer look to his foot on salchow to notice that he actually lifts it up a little) commented on his performance in the short program at the European Championships (4th place).

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source: sports.ru dd. 12th January by Maia Bagriantseva

Did you and the coaches set any specific tasks for the event?

Morisi Kvitelashvili: Well, to show myself from the best side and do my program. But almost always it’s pretty the same for us, such a routine work.

Daniil Gleikhengauz, as it seemed, was not very happy with the scores, right?

Morisi Kvitelashvili: Yes, after the routine we have looked at the scores given for each element, and it seems I scored not much, because they judged it that way. It seems to me that it was my the best skating of all time, but I got an under-rotation on a triple axel, and lowered the level on a combination spin – gave level 3 instead of level 4.


Morisi Kvitelashvili: Yes, a little, I do not agree. It seemed to me that it was well executed.

It’s noticeable that after Sochi (Maurice won the Russian Grand Prix – ed.) you began to skate more confidently.

Morisi Kvitelashvili: Yes, here stepping on the ice I was generally confident. I felt that I was skating well, everything was comfortable, there was no strong fight for the elements, I wasn’t thrown in different directions.


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