Adeliia Petrosian: “I need triple axel for my life in figure skating.”

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Adeliia Petrosian about quad loop, Russian Nationals and Eteri Tutberidze.

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Who suggested that should you try the quadruple loop?

Adeliia Petrosian: Actually, it was my dream. Once I’ve asked to look at my triple loop whether it’s enough in height. we lifted it up, and then I tried quad.

The coaches saw something about this and started prompting me, and now it started to work out. Loop is the most comfortable jump for me.

How important it was for you to be the first to jump the quad loop?

Adeliia Petrosian: It’s nice, but actually I didn’t think about it when I tried it. I just tried, I wanted to prove that I still could do what we were preparing.

They say that after first quadruple, other quads come easier. I don’t know. I also unexpectedly decided to try a flip. One evening I just felt the strength, and I said: let’s try. I tried it and it worked well enough as for the first attempt. And then we tried to land it.

What jump do you need to learn?

Adeliia Petrosian: Triple axel. I need it for my life in figure skating.

What else do you need to work on?

Adeliia Petrosian: Gliding. I need to learn to stretch my legs, skate more correctly, make it more beautiful. I need to work very hard on this. And on many more details.

Are you upset about the cancellation of the Grand Prix Final?

Adeliia Petrosian: I was very upset. Mom was asleep, I saw the news, immediately woke her up, I said – that’s all. Of course I was upset. I don’t know what advantages there could be in its cancelation. Now we will prepare for the Russian Nationals.

What do you expect from the Russian Nationals?

Adeliia Petrosian: I can’t imagine. Of course, I understand what level all the girls there have. And for me it is an honor to perform next to such girls, whom I actually see every day, but still it will be an unforgettable feeling and emotions.

Adeliia also answered the question how her life has changed since she moved to the group of Eteri Tutberidze.

Adeliia Petrosian: Communication with coaches, attitude towards coaches has changed a lot. The respect remains the same.

When I came to the group, I was a little afraid of Eteri Georgievna. With a sinking heart. And now I just love her very much.

I was not afraid of Sergei Viktorovich (Dudakov) and Daniil Markovich (Gleikhengauz).

The attitude to work has also changed. I began to think more about my consistency in work. And I also just grew up.

I remember – I said that her (Tutberidze’s) gaze penetrates into the soul. This is true. She is an extraordinary person, she is madly involved in her work. Beautiful, hardworking, purposeful.


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