Maria Sotskova: From the outside, we are successful, healthy, beautiful and slender. But not for ourselves

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Maria Sotskova very openly about cruelty of sport, self-esteem and life after sports. Post connected with the tragic loss of Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya.

from Maria’s Instagram account

Maria Sotskova: The sun warmed me this morning and I woke up feeling happy and grateful for another day. There are many trials in life, but they are all solvable as long as you breathe.

I have never touched on such serious topics, my content is more about a positive picture than about experiences that will touch everyone’s soul. Now I think that more than ever it is necessary to speak. Many little girls and boys (aspiring skaters) who look at us as role models and want to be like us! And then such terrible news. There is no perfect recipe for how to cope with circumstances, all people cope by virtue of their attitude.

Is it hard for me after sports? It’s hard, at first you have everything you dream of so much, and then admiring look change to pity, and there is nothing worse for a strong personality than pity. Yes, I had close people nearby, there was a favorite university and I switched to study so as not to lose my mind, but there wasn’t a single day when I didn’t recall the cries of the stands, me on the podium and on the ice, realizing that it was irrevocable, that now it’s only in my mind. When athletes say that they have devoted their whole lives to sports, this is not a hyperbole, perhaps even a little less than it really is.

Is there life after? Of course, but what kind? For normal people (not from sports) we are crazy, it is difficult to understand us. From the outside, we are successful, healthy and, I would like to note, beautiful and slender. But not for ourselves, we see ourselves through the prism of what we have been instilled during our whole life – fat, lazy, incapable of anything, haven’t achieved nothing (to get us off the high horse). Thanks that since childhood I’ve been very confident in myself, with high self-esteem, so now I was able to keep at least a little love and respect for myself, otherwise they would have knocked everything out completely. All my life in sports I have lived with a clear understanding that everyone around me is investing so much energy, so much time in me, and I never live up to their hopes, I am always not good enough. I always apologized to my family, coaches and viewers, I was always ashamed of myself.

Sport is a completely different planet, which has its own rules, and when you go out into another world, you strive to live by the same rules and teach people around to the only right behavior. But here people live differently, you need to accept it. I never undertake to judge and I do not advise others, I just try on myself. Why did this happen? Unfortunately, time cannot be returned, but this case sobered many, brought them to their senses. Primarily parents, that they should support their children unconditionally. It is a pity that at such a price. Eternal memory to Katya.


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