Alexander Zhulin: The coaches of Papadakis Cizeron believed that they were in space, and we somewhere in there – the servants

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Alexander Zhulin about competition with Papadakis and Cizeron.

video interview by Elena Rodina youtube channel dd. 18th February

Alexander Zhulin: Their coaches stopped noticing us at all. The coaches simply believed that they were in space, unreachable, and we somewhere in there – the servants. And suddenly turns out that servants also capable of something.

Other coaches called me, congratulated me, many are my good friends who also coach both rivals and our pairs. In any case, this is such a momentous moment, because it turns out that it’s possible to fight them.

We’ll see, it can really backfire in Montreal (at the World Championships). Let’s hope that Vika and Nikita will have a good competitions. Let’s see, you know, every competitions are different. Only recently it was sixth place in the Grand Prix Final, and now – the first at the European Championships.

Is it possible for Russia to win gold at the Olympics? Why not? Of course, we are all secretly, deep down and not deep down in our hearts always think about the first place. I definitely always think about the first place.

When this does not work, do not give up, you need to roll up your sleeves and try again. Then it’s interesting to live, and in general it makes some sense.


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4 Responses to “Alexander Zhulin: The coaches of Papadakis Cizeron believed that they were in space, and we somewhere in there – the servants”

  1. Alicia says:

    Mr Zuhlin forgets that Gadbois coaches at EC heard an order to the judges to give notes less than 10 to the french. Who gave this order ? A russian. And he wants to make us believe that they are arrogants ? Sorry but he kills this sport with complicity of 7/10 judges. Nothing will change and that s what is killing this sport with no audience in the arenas and on tv to applause all these champions. Why ? For the color of a medal ?

  2. Curry says:

    Mr Zuhlin is indecent. I would prefer to heard him telling the truth about what he said about them.

  3. Laura Pivonka says:

    I knew they can beat the French. With the theme of a similar Romeo & Juliet tucked into their minds, a love his mother taught him, a love so strong between a man and a woman, the man wanting her to live, and she wanting to live, but such sadness in the very end, as she dies in her beloved’s arms, where he is overcome with grief and tears! Now THAT is drama, and THAT is what will make them win, a flawless touching performance at Worlds!

  4. Galan says:

    The French team are in a place so advanced…..beyond traditional ice dance and into a new creative space and interpretation that many do not appear to understand it. This years free dance is beyond free dancing. They ARE in space and they ARE unreachable. They cannot be judged with the rest because they are in a new area now and they are the only ones in it. Zhulin’s team beat them, but the French were in a different competition in a different artistic space, waiting for the rest of us to catch up to them.

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