Alina Zagitova is taking a pause in her career

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Alina Zagitova announced that she’s taking a pause in her career.

by dd. Decemver 13th, 2019

“I decided to take a pause.” – Alina said on a press conference at Channel One.

Zagitova also said that she won’t participate in Russian Nationals this season, so she also will not perform at the European and World Championships. The skater explained this decision by saying that she’s “used to qualify according to the sports principle” so she is not going to take part in these two competitions without a selection.

She also emphasized that she is not leaving sport.

“I will train, perform in many shows. I think it’s good, I will learn new elements, jumps’ paths. I stay with the coaches with whom we have gone such a long way, passed the whole Olympics. I am grateful to them, to my family, to all the fans”


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