Alexandra Trusova: I will work on complicating the program and learning new jumps

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Alexandra Trusova commented on her performance at the Russian test skates 2019.

After the short program:

– I work on the triple axel, but don’t jump it clean yet. I try, I hope that it’ll work out. As soon as I start to jump it clean, I’ll put it into the program. Of course, it turned out to jump it on harness, but without I haven’t landed yet.

Apparently, the axel is harder for me to jump, although I have no problems with the double one. Quadruples turn out easier.


After the free program:

– In the free program, we tried to add as many steps as possible, to fill it not only with quadruple jumps. Therefore, now I’m jumping one of the quads not as I did before, but with a more difficult entry.

I already had a skate with three successful quads, as today. It was at the test skates last season, but at the competition I haven’t succeeded so far. I hope it will turn out.

About fall at the 3Lz-3Lo combination:

– The Lutz-Loop is consistent enough, I don’t know what happened. Last season, I failed this combination only once. But I will work on complicating the program and learning new jumps.



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