Sofia Samodurova: I like Ashley Wagner, she looks beautiful on the ice and skates with the soul

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Interview with Sofia Samodurova after vinning bronze at Skate America 2018.

by Tatjana Flade for

Sonia, you just debuted at sinior Grand Prix and got bronze. Congratulations.

– Thank you. Of course, I am very pleased that I debuted at Grand Prix well. The third place was a surprise for me, but I coped with my task.

How did you feel at this event, because this is a new experience, a new level for you?

– In the short program I worried more than in the free. I don’t know why. Maybe because I skated first. In the free program I worried only at the very beginning. I think it was visible.

In Everett, you were third after a short program. At the press conference you said that you want to stay on the podium. How did you cope with anxiety, waiting, pressure?

– I didn’t even think about it. The task was to skate the programs clean, skate them for myself, for coaches, so that the audience liked.

In a free program you skated last, two Japanese skaters performed well before you. Did you know about this?

– No, I didn’t watch their performances. I didn’t think that I was skating last, that the Japanese ladies performed the programs well. I heard applause after Satoko Miyahara’s skate… I just went to the ice after them and did my job, all the elements, and showed myself worthy.

You have a very fiery free program. Tell us about it.

– Ilia Averbukh did it, and I want to say him a big thank you for having worked with me. The program is from the movie “Burlesque”. American theme. When Ilia offered this music, I immediately liked it. I said that I want to skate it. Ilia added that it would suit me. So the bronze medal is a good result of our collaboration.

Does this program fit your character?

– Maybe, yes.

The short program is flamenco.

– Yes, we chose music together with Tatiana Prokofyeva. She choreographed my short program. At first I didn’t really approve this music, I liked the other one, also Spanish. But when we started to work on the program, I agreed. Said “Let’s kep this one.”

This season you moved to sinior level, although you can still compete in juniors by age. When did you make this decision?

– At the end of the season, Alexei Mishin said that if we could, we would move to siniors. I didn’t mind, I was all for it.

How is it to perform at senior level? You already had two senior competitions?

– At the “Lombardia Trophy” I was more worried. For me it was the first international sinior competition. Here, at the Grand Prix, it was no longer the case. But, of course, at first it was hard to perform in siniors. In Bergamo, I skated not very good.

After your performance in America, Liza Tuktamysheva congratulated you on Instagram, posted your photo.

– Yes, Lisa wrote to me “Beauty, congratulations!” Thanks her! Thanks to all the fans who sent so many messages that I even had my phone dead.

What does the result at this Grand Priz mean to you?

– It will give me more confidence in the future that I can compete with other sinior famous athletes.

And in terms of experience? That there are press conferences after the short program at the Grand Prix?

– Yes, that in general there are press conferences at the Grand Prix. In terms of experience, I can also say that the third place in the debut Grand Prix will add me confidence. The more you perform, the more confidence you have.

Next competitions in Moscow?

– At the Grand Prix “Rostelecom Cup”. We will prepare as usual. We will not change anything in preparation.

And in the programs? Are you trying ultra-c elements?

– I tried a triple axel two years ago. It worked out well. Now we will come to St.Petersburg, perhaps, will try again. I do it on the floor. Alexei Nikolaevich says it’s time to start doing it on ice.

Do you aim at Liza Tuktamysheva, who trains in your group?

– To some extent, yes.

Who are your figure skating idols?

– I like Ashley Wagner. She looks beautiful on the ice and skates with the soul, for the audience. And among men – Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez. Javier takes with artistry, and Yuzuru just does his job, all the elements at the maximum. I like his skating and I always root for him.


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