Maxim Trankov: Tarasova and Morozov have changed in appearance

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Maxim Trankov and Nina Mozer about Evgenia Tarasova – Vladimir Morozov’s performance at Skate America 2018.

Maxim: They performed well, but they were ready for more. The guys were upset because of the failure in the short program, they showed not their best skating, couldn’t cope with nerves a little bit. The first Grand Prix has become a serious test for us. It will be better, I’m sure.

I’m pleased how the guys changed, many came to me and said how they have changed in appearance, and this is good. We are not ashamed of the work done on their image. But there is still a lot of work to do on the technical side, while we are skating on the base formed by Nina Mozer.

Big thank you to Nina Mikhailovna, she came to the USA, supported us. Taught me the subtleties of “standing behind the board” I learned a lot of interesting and completely new information for me, which will be useful for me in the future coaching field. It is very valuable.

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Nina Mozer: Today the guys tried to do what they can. Some adjustments have been made after the competitions in Finland. I help Maxim Trankov, so that he understands what to do with the pair at competitions, how to help them. I think that by the right moment they will be fully prepared for the competitions.

I deal with organizational issues, the training processes were completely on Maxim. I just advise and help. I was with the guys for two weeks in August and also now before the competitions. We talked with Maxim, he still lacks experience yet. He needs to be helped, because the guys have to perform well. Still, I have worked with them for four years oand I want them to continue performing well.

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