Stanislava Konstantinova: There are no rises without falls, positive emotions without tears

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Interview with Stanislava Konstantinova.

Stanislava, tell us about last season.

– This season was very long and ambiguous. I participated in twelve competitions, two of which were world championships. Has received a huge experience of victories and pity defeats, crazy emotions, both positive and negative. I am very glad that during the whole season I managed to keep the peak of the shape. I can conclude that my team and I, we are moving in the right direction. We just need to work more on psychology, consistency, difficult and inconvenient for me elements.

What goals do you set for yourself in sport?

– Of course, I want victories. I want to please my family and friends, fans. But all this is impossible without daily hard work. There are no rises without falls, positive emotions without tears. But honestly, I just love to skate. Figure skating is my life and I’m just happy when I do it well!

What was the main conclusion you made for yourself this season?

– The main conclusion: it’s necessary to work more. Forget about some simple life pleasures, never give up. As they say, you can not break someone who never gives up.

For example, the Russian Nationals and Russian Nationals among juniors. Both times I made mistake in the short program, but I did not give up and showed, perhaps, my best performances in the free program, which were appreciated. And it helped me to be selected for the main competitions of the season.

What was the most difficult for you this season?

– Russian Nationals. After a short program where I made a serious, but such a stupid mistake it was difficult to get together for a free program. On the one hand, this was the most difficult moment in my career at the moment, but on the other – the brightest. After free program there was great joy. This feeling can not be compared with anything when you know that you did everything you could.

You mentioned that this season you had twelve competitions. How do you recover from the competitions? What is the best vacation for you?

– For me, the best rest, first of all, is a good night’s sleep. If possible, go to the pool or sauna. But very often it happens that after the competitions I can not fall asleep. I analyse my mistakes, skate the program repeatedly in my mind.

New season is not so far. Tell us about new programs.

– I keep “Anna Karenina” as my free program for the next season. I like this program and it suits me very much. I believe that I have not yet fully revealed the artistic image of this heroine. Perhaps, we will make some changes and add new elements, maybe ultra-c.

A short program will be new. While I keep intriguing, I will not name the song. I will only say that this is a characteristic piece, very emotional. Just fire.

Tell us a little about your team, with whom you work every day. What can you say, for example, about your coach, Valentina Mikhailovna Chebotareva?

– Many people consider Valentina Mikhailovna to be too soft. But I assure you, she’s not always like this. She is quite tough, principled and confident specialist. Valentina Mikhailovna is very demanding and fair. We know and understand each other well, because she has known me since childhood. Although sometimes she continues to treat me like a child.

In general, we have excellent relations with all members of our team. I also want to mention my choreographer, Olga Klyushnichenko. I love her! Her artistic taste, her knowledge and flair for the programs. I like working with her. She always takes into account our wishes, for me it is very important.

Many thanks to my physical training coach Mikhail Semenenko and Alexei Kozlov who works on skating skills with me. Special thanks to our second coach Tatiana Nikolaevna Kositsina. I believe in our team!

This season girls began to perform quadruple jumps on competitions. What do you think about this?

– This year progress in ultra-c elements has taken a big step forward. Now girls perform complex jumps not only in trainings but also in competitions. This makes everyone to be in a constant tone. It makes me think about learning such elements.

In the offseason I try and work on triple axel. Working on this, I understand how difficult and risky it is, and what a brave girls who perform such elements. I express my respect to them.

This season the number of your fans have increased. One of your big fans is Tatyana Anatolievna Tarasova. She always appreciates you very highly.

– Of course, I really like the attention of fans. But I would not call Tatyana Anatolyevna a fan. First of all, she is an honored coach and a specialist of the highest class. I am very flattered that she likes my performances. But Tatiana Anatolyevna is a principled and honest person. I understand that if I make a mistake, then nothing will prevent her from saying it publicly. In principle, the attitude of both fans and professionals to me depends on the quality of my skating. I will try not to disappoint anyone.

You train with Misha Kolyada in one group, and by the way, you went to the World Championships together. We all know that he always supports you. Tell us how.

– Misha’s example taught me that you should always go your own way, do not look at others. You just need to love your job and work, because patience always pays off. The main thing is to stay true to yourself, be yourself.

Misha always advises me something. He says some things that do not allow him to gave up, which inspire him to work on, to reach even higher level.

For whom, besides Misha, are you cheering? Who do you like in other disciplines?

– I cheer for Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov. They have stylish programs, chic artistic images, great presentation. This is my favorite pair. In addition, the guys are from St. Petersburg.

In men’s skating besides Misha I cheer for Shoma Uno. In women’s skating I really like Ashley Wagner and Carolina Kostner.

How do you manage to keep fit? How much do you have to limit yourself?

– I eat right. In addition to trainings on ice, I have  choreography, physical training, I also run.

You travel a lot. Which country did you like the most?

– I liked each country in its own way. I really liked Italy. Sunny, warm, tasty food, kind and sincere people. I really want to go to Japan. All the skaters speak very warm about this country and people who live there.

How do you approach your first senior season?

– Next season I’m not going to sit back. if I want to achieve something in big sports, then this is not the kind of approach that is needed. So this summer I plan to do a great job on myself. I’m already looking forward to the “senior” season.

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5 Responses to “Stanislava Konstantinova: There are no rises without falls, positive emotions without tears”

  1. jimmbboe says:

    She is a lovely lady. Hope she does well next season.

  2. Lotte says:

    I feel honestly sorry for her. She’s a charming skater, not the most consistent one, that’s for sure, but utterly charming and very passionate on the ice.
    I wish her the best and I really hope she (will change the coach together with Misha) will take her revenge for Worlds next season.

  3. Mad for Skating says:

    Great interview but I’m honestly just staring in awe at her beautiful dress.

    And you know I can never dislike someone who loves Ashley, Carolina, Shoma, and S/K :)

  4. researcher says:

    Feds must be crazy if they bet on her

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