Elizabet Tursynbaeva: At the Olympics I tried to show my best

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Elizabet Tursynbaeva about Olympics, preparation for the new season and possibility to do pairs.

-I started training a few days ago, I feel good. I don’t have much loads now, I gradually start training process. We haven’t started working on programs yet, we will start it a little later. Now I’m listening to music, picking up something. I can not tell the details, we don’t usually talk about programs in advance.

A couple of years ago, you asked the fans to choose music for your programs.

– There were a lot of proposals then, but in the end I found the music for the programs myself. In figure skating there are nuances, not every song can be used for a program. You need a music you can skate too but they suggested me Lady Gaga (laughs).

What kind of music do you prefer?

– I do not have a certain favorite genre. I listen what I like. I don’t have any specific favorite performers either. In the playlist, I have a lot of very different music. When I choose something for the program, I focus more on classical music.

Enough time have passed since the Olympics. Recalling your performance now, would you do something differently?

– I had some problems before the Olympics, but for my state then, I think that I did well. I skated better at competitions than at practices. I tried to show my best. The Olympics are held only once in four years, and although I was not in the best shape, I wanted to perform well.

Moreover, the Olympics is the biggest competitions in your career.

– After the Olympics you feel differently then after other competitions. You realize a lot of things, you understand what was done wrong, in what direction you need to move on.

During the Olympics, the famous coach Tatiana Tarasova said that you would be perfect for pair skating.

– I am constantly asked about this (laughs). I am flattered when such people say that I would look good in pair skating. But I feel good in single skating. If I’m small this does not mean that I should immediately switch a pair skating.

Puberty is difficult for many skaters, for some it becomes a real problem.

– I have not grown much, probably such genes. Not everyone has to be tall and big. Although many people write that they make me starve or something like that (laughs). Everyone has a different physiology, I know that many skaters starve themselves, but they are still growing, like by leaps and bounds. I eat normally, everything happens by itself.

At trainings you have already performed quadruple jumps. Will you include them in your programs?

– I hope everything will be fine and I will be able to work on them again. In summer I worked on quadruple jumps and triple axel. It turned out quite well. But to put them into the program, they must be consistent and constantly maintained. This is even more difficult than just learning them.

If you go back to the last season, did you feel that the judges began to treat you differently?

– I have a lot of work to do. I need to add a to my programs, skating. It is still necessary to work a lot to earn the attention of the judges,

Did you manage to rest after the Olympics?

– I rested for 3,5 weeks, it’s enough for a skater. Spent a vacation at home, you can say, on the couch (laughs).

You’re a good cook. What is your best dish?

– The best that I cook is a honey cake.

Recently you had a master class for kids. Did you like this experience?

– The master class was good and fun. Even more children came than we expected. Even very small children came. Children tried, it was clear that they like to skate and they want to do this sport. I liked it, I do not mind holding such events more often.



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3 Responses to “Elizabet Tursynbaeva: At the Olympics I tried to show my best”

  1. Mad for Skating says:

    She’s so cute! And I’m glad to hear that she does indeed eat – I was worried!
    I also thought pairs would be a good fit for her but I think it would look funny if they paired her with some guy over 182 cm. If there’s a guy close to the size of Cong Han, she would look great. Still I wish her all the best!

    • FS Gossips says:

      She’s a lovely skater, I was really impressed when saw her live. I didn’t expect her skating skills look that good and her skating don’t look small at all.

      • Mad for Skating says:

        I agree! I saw her live in 2015 and she had some very nice basic skills. I was not a big fan of her free program this year (Celine Dion is reserved for Carolina Kostner haha) but I have faith that she will eventually rise in the standings!

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