Inna Goncharenko about programs of her students for 2017-2018 season

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Inna Goncharenko told about new programs of her students.

Misha Ge did a short program for Sergei Voronov.

Sergei suggested it, said that he wants to try. I decided to support him, because I think Misha’s skating is very interesting and inspired, with way of moves so characteristic of him – a little bit Asian. Perhaps this cooperation will show Seryozha from the new side, give him more freedom, some additional skills. I think that it’s very useful to develop and to go in some new direction.

Misha started to try himself as a choreographer and he really wants to work. He has a huge desire, he’s completely in work. It captivates. Sergei also liked it. Misha starts his activity, and, you know, his has enthusiasm, lots of ideas. I saw what they started to do – it’s nice to watch it all and it’s interesting.

First we wanted to do one program with Misha and the second one with Nikolai Morozov. But Kolya is away now and I’m afraid that we will not be in time. While Sergei and Misha are doing a short program. And then will see. – Inna Goncharenko told.

by Elena Diachkova

Ilia Averbukh will do programs for Maxim Kovtun.

We have already started to do the short program with Ilia. We are counting on doing two programs. The process immediately went positively. Sometimes it all drags on for a long time, you pick up music, but it does not work out, or it happens that you found it, started to work, but then it turns out that everything is not right. Now from the first practice the work went well. Everyone was satisfied.

We’ve been working with Ilia for many years, and I did not doubt for a minute. It’s a pleasure to continue our joint creativity with him! – Goncharenko said.

by Elena Diachkova

It’s a little bit surprising that Averbukh is doing programs for Kovtun, because he told that this season he’ll work exclusively with Medvedeva. Turned out that he meant that he won’t work with other ladies and “exclusivity” does not apply to other disciplines.

We started to work on the short program with Maxim Kovtun, we plan to do both short and free program. Last season I did him a short program, this season we continued our cooperation.

I can tell you that we have already done more than half of the free program for Evgenia. After her return from vacation, we will finish the free program and undertake the short. Of course, Evgenia Medvedeva is my priority. I received offers from various figure skaters, including Lena Radionova. But with all her great talent, in women’s singles skating, no matter what, I work only with Zhenya Medvedeva. – Averbukh said.

by Elena Diachkova


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