Hurtado – Khaliavin: international debut [video]

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This week we all were busy with Grand prix-final, thank goodness it’s over) Now we have time to look what else happened in the world of figure skating.

New ice dance duo Sara Hurtado and Kirill Khaliavin made an international debut at the  Santa Claus Cup.

Short dance:

They look really great together! Random fall, unfinished lift, and struggles on twizzles…..well it’s  their first competition together! To bad  they lacked a little bit to get the tech minimum for European Championships. Don’t really understand the music choice, it sounds a but weird for me.  But nevertheless I liked the dance and choreography. I also like I lot how Sara looks, really nice dress!

Free dance:

Much stronger performance in the free dance! Twizzles seem to be a problematic element, but lifts look amazing and impressive! Wow! I also pretty surprised that it was Zhulin who did this dance for them…..I mean, no Vivaldi? No strange music cuts?) Very trendy dance.  I see lots of potential in this duo. Spanish National Championships in ice dance will be really interesting!




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