Nikita Volodin: “I don’t plan to renounce Russian citizenship. Because what, get a visa to come home?”

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Translation of Nikita Volodin’s comment about obtaining German citizenship.

original source: RSport

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Former Russian pair skater Nikita Volodin who now represents Germany in a pair with Minerva Fabienne Hase commented on the process of obtaining German passport in an interview with RSport.

Q: Both you and Minerva are among the few who say they want to compete against the Russians skaters.

Nikita Volodin: Absolutely, we are preparing to compete with the Russian team. We want to compete with the strongest athletes from around the world, and Russian pairs simply cannot be excluded from that list. We have time to prepare.

Q: Did you dream about the Olympics before moving to Germany?

Nikita Volodin: That was the main dream, and it still is. Now, of course, it looks more realistic. It can be said that it is not just a dream anymore, but a kind of goal. There are chances and prospects; we just need to work a little more. I have been on skates since I was three, so it’s been 21 years in the sport. Just a couple more years to wait — no big deal.

Q: Are there any problems with obtaining citizenship?

Nikita Volodin: With the Germans, everything is very clear. They told me that I need to pass the German language test at the B1 level, there will be some questions about history, but there will be fewer difficulties with everything else. If we show good results, and the country is interested in us, everything will be resolved.

Q: Germany is a relatively conservative country in this regard; I read that obtaining dual citizenship there is very difficult, and often you have to renounce the first. Have you already figured out how to solve this issue?

Nikita Volodin: There won’t be any problems with this because I don’t plan to renounce Russian citizenship. Because what, would I need to get a visa to come home? I can’t get used to that. Of course, it will be dual citizenship. Now in Germany, it’s easier with this; a law with relaxations on this matter was recently passed. So now it all depends on us.”


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