Kaori Sakamoto experienced some stomach issues after the Grand Prix Final and hopes to make a complete recovery by the Japanese Nationals

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Translation of Kaori Sakamoto’s comments before Japanese Nationals.

original source: nikkansports.com dd. 20th December 2023

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Here’s a translation of Kaori Sakamoto’s comments after the official practice for the women’s event at the Figure Skating All Japan Championshipsand posted on Nikkansports.

After returning to Japan from the Grand Prix Final in China, Sakamoto mentioned experiencing some stomach issues. Despite having a days when she slept all day, Sakamotp expressed determination, saying, ‘Once you’re standing in this place, regardless of the conditions, there are things you have to do. I hope to make a complete recovery by the competition.’

The cpmpetition serves as the selection event for the World Championships, where Sakamoto aims for a third consecutive victory in March 2024 in Montreal, Canada. Although she is currently the closest among Japanese female skaters to securing a spot, she remains humble, stating, ‘I believe in my own abilities, and I want to challenge this competition without complacency.’ The Short Program is scheduled for the 22nd.


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