“As an athlete, while aiming for new heights, I also want to pursue the dream of pregnancy and childbirth” Misato Komatsubara about her decision to undergo egg freezing

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Japanese ice dancer Misato Komatsubara about her decision to undergo egg freezing.

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On July 7th, figure skater Misa Komatsubara (31) was at the Roppongi Ladies Clinic in Tokyo for the surgery aimed to freeze her eggs, a procedure known as “egg freezing.” It involves retrieving eggs from the ovaries and freezing them for potential future pregnancies.

It’s important to note that egg freezing doesn’t guarantee a future pregnancy. She isn’t certain about envisioning motherhood and childcare in her future. Nonetheless, having this option gave her a sense of relief.

As an athlete building her career, she has felt the unique anxieties that come with being a woman since her teenage years.

“As an athlete, while aiming for new heights, I also want to pursue the dream of pregnancy and childbirth,” Komatsubara says. “I used to think that retiring around the time of graduating from university and moving on to the next phase of life was the norm. But here I am at the age of 30, still actively competing. Figure skating, in particular, is a sport where changes in body weight can be quite challenging. There have been times before competitions when my periods would stop, especially when I tried to get my body in top shape. While I haven’t made any firm decisions yet about whether I really want children or what my future holds, I became really concerned when my periods stopped.

Skating is fun, and I’ve been achieving good results. So, when I started thinking about balancing my athletic career with other aspects of life, I came across articles about experience with egg freezing. I also learned that there are marathon runners who have undergone egg freezing. Knowing that such choices exist lightened my heart a bit. If I can approach this positively, I thought I’d like to give it a try. We have an ice show at the end of June, and I’ll be returning to Japan. This time, I’ve consulted with my partner in ice dance, my husband, and my coach. I’m willing to take a long break afterward, if necessary, in order to undergo egg freezing for my own sake. I believe it will provide a strong foundation for my focused journey towards the Olympics, so I’ve decided to go for it,” said Misato Komatsubara


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