“I don’t want to talk about it. This story wasn’t related to figure skating.” coach Fedchenko on Alina Gorvacheva’s disappearance

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Coach Sofia Fedchenko commented on the story with the disappearance of her student Alina Gorbacheva.

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source: MatchTV

The story of Alina Gorbacheva’s disappearance was not related to figure skating, said Sofia Fedchenko, the coach of the athlete, in an interview with “Match TV.”

On August 28, the figure skater went missing in Moscow. She left the ice rink and did not return home. Extensive searches were conducted, and her whereabouts were unknown. Later, the police found the 16-year-old athlete in a movie theater within a shopping center.

Is the whole story about the disappearance in the past? Does it not affect Alina’s preparation now?

Sofia Fedchenko: This story was not related to figure skating, so it does not pose any problems for her preparation.

What conclusion did you draw from the whole story?

Sofia Fedchenko: I don’t want to talk about it. It’s all in the past, forgotten, and we’re continuing to work.

How is Alina Gorbacheva’s preparation going for the test skates, which will be held in a week?

Sofia Fedchenko: The preparation is going well. Alina is currently training in Moscow and getting ready.


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