Kazuki Tomono: “It’s nice to hear people say ‘you did your best,’ but I also want to hear ‘you’re amazing.'”

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Interview with Kazuki Tomono. About performance at the World Team Trophy and this season.

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source: hochi.news dd. 21st April 2023

About the free skate at World Team Trophy

Kazuki Tomono: In the second half, I was a little worried that I hadn’t practiced enough but still it was a good free skate. With this difficult schedule and adjustments, I need to have the ability to pull it off properly, and because it was a jump that I had to decide firmly, I think it was not good that it was interrupted a little bit at the very end.

Did you apologize to the Japanese team?

Kazuki Tomono: Yes, I feel a little “sorry” because it would have been nice to finish with a good performance.

About the end of this season.

Kazuki Tomono: I think it was all about practice. I still have a low foundation, so I can do reasonably well in competitions where I’m really at my best by putting in a lot of effort. But in difficult competitions like this, my weaknesses still come out a little bit, so I realized that I need to increase my own strength more and more.

What is your goal for next season?

Kazuki Tomono: I want to aim to become a more consistent skater who can confidently land his jumps and not make the audience nervous. However, I also want to maintain my strengths and continue to grow with more momentum.

What do you want to improve for next season?

Kazuki Tomono: After the Japanese Nationals, it’s been a really good feeling and I was able to land the quadruple jumps. So, I want to focus on landing my jumps with confidence and without pressure. I have been able to practice this gradually, so I want to continue to refine it and improve even further.

About jumping

Kazuki Tomono: I didn’t have many opportunities to practice connecting all the jumps, and I realized that I still have some anxiety about that. I wish I had more confidence in what I’ve been doing this season, not just right before the competitions. There was some anxiety about the axel, and I wish I had been more decisive. As I got closer to the end, my confidence wavered a little, and I think that was not good because of those anxieties.

Are you worried about not being able to practice?

Kazuki Tomono: I think so, but that would just be an excuse. Other athletes have been doing well, so I think it’s my weak point. Now that I have a solid understanding of that part, I think I have to improve my basic skills and strength more.

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Kazuki Tomono: I think it’s really a small thing. I can’t do it unless I feel like I’ve put everything into it. Looking back, it was my first major competitions that I couldn’t do everything, and I couldn’t push through it. In the future, there will be more difficult and big competitions, and I think there will be many difficult adjustments to face, and in such circumstances, I have to have the ability to make a firm decision. However, I think this experience will lead to further growth.

What about your growth?

Kazuki Tomono: I am gradually able to show my strengths, but this time I was able to show that I had matured, but in the end, the foundation was still shaky, which led to failure. So, I realized again how important the second half is.

Regarding this season’s program

Kazuki Tomono: I think we came up with a really good program this season, and there were many good performances of the Fledermaus. However, I still haven’t been able to achieve a perfect performance in the free skate, so I need to improve my skills to be able to do that someday.

Looking back on the team competition

Kazuki Tomono: It was really fun. I think cheering is great. I am aware of the enjoyment that comes from being part of the Japanese team. Local competitions are also important to me, but the unity and support at this level is really wonderful.

On Sakamoto as team captain

Kazuki Tomono: She is really reliable. Not just Kaori-chan, but all the members of the Japanese team are wonderful skaters who will be talked about in the future. I still have a lot to improve compared to others, but it was good to find out that I still have a lot to learn from this team competition.

Will you compete again in two years?

Kazuki Tomono: Yes, I want to. I want to be able to participate and be appreciated for my performance. It’s nice to hear people say ‘you did your best,’ but I also want to hear ‘you’re amazing.’ I will work hard to become that kind of skater. I believe I can do it as I continue to grow.


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