Polina Edmunds short program for next year

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Polina Edmunds (team USA) performed new short program at summer competition Glacier Falls Classic.

Her short program for the season 2015-2016 is to Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata. Watch here:

Last season was rough for Polina. She didn’t do well on Grand-prix events, but won the Four Continents, then didn’t show her best at Worlds. Many people didn’t like her free program and called it too childish. I was sure that after such comments this year Polina and her choreographer will try to show us what she is capable of.

This season won’t be easy for Polina too. It seems that she grown up a lot and now dealing with puberty. So, component and solid programs will be a good support in this situation. I like her new short program. It’s a big step ahead form last season. Polina looks good in classical music, it suits her skating style. This program gives an opportunity to show her musicality and good lines. I also like the music cut. This program is made with a taste.

It’s only August, but Polina seems to be in good shape. Hope it’s not too early and she will keep her shape till Gran Prix. She needs to show results there, because some young American will fight for their place in US team.


One of Polina’s main competitors Satoko Miyahara also recently has showen her free program. Watch it here →



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