Gracie Gold short program for next year

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Gracie Gold also performed her new short program at summer competition Glacier Falls Classic.

For her short program Gracie Gold choose tango El Choclo. Watch here:

I hoped that Gracie and her team will try something different this year. Because she is capable of more than her  usual ice-princess style. And tango seems to be a promising choice. But as a fan of figure skating, I’m a bit disappointed with a result. The program needs a lot of polish and I hope they will add more thematic moves. Especially they need to work on her arms. Too many moves, too less tango mood and expression. But it still only August and they have time for developing. Just find that inner diva Gracie!

And a small remark about the dress. I don’t like it. Yes, it’s extremely expensive but It looks heavy, over decorated and add her ages.

As for me, Polina Edmunds short program looks more interesting and reliable.


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