Mai Mihara: “I need to become stronger, I really want to become someone who can perform well under any circumstances.”

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Mai Mihara about her performance at World Team Triphy 2023.

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Thoughts on the short program?

Mai Mihara: I really, umm…I feel like my performance today lacked a bit of power from the beginning. I think it might be because my weakness was showing from the beginning. Hmm…I found out today that I need to become stronger so that my performance doesn’t change according to the situation. I really want to become someone who can perform well under any circumstances.

What is your weakness?

Mai Mihara: Umm…it’s really, I don’t know. Umm…I’ve been trying not to talk about my condition. I just thought that I was weak in that part, and I couldn’t fit everything in the 6-minute warm-up. So I think that’s my weakness.

Thoughts on the free skate?

Mai Mihara: Regardless of how my body feels, I think tomorrow is the perfect opportunity to perform a perfect free skate and end the season. So, with a clear image of what I can do, I want to skate as if it’s the last time.”

Any thoughts or gratitude after the short program?

Mai Mihara: There are moments where I close my eyes while skating, but this time there were more of those moments than usual. I was able to skate while feeling the music and putting my soul into it, and although I’m disappointed with my performance, I feel like I was able to convey my gratitude for this program that has supported me throughout the season.

It’s also one of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s representative works who has passed away. When you heard that and when you skate, what kind of thoughts do you have?

Mai Mihara: When I heard that Ryuichi Sakamoto himself was holding a live concert at the end of the year, and it was close to the time of the Japanese Nationals, I was skating while thinking about it a lot. Since I am using his music, I feel grateful that I can skate to his music. Also, the audience gives me warm applause, so I really love this program.

The Japanese team welcomed you at Kiss and Cry

Mai Mihara: I couldn’t perform my perfect program, and I was really frustrated and went there with a feeling of ‘I’m sorry,’ but they warmly said ‘Nice fight’ and ‘Good job,’ and I was able to feel the warmth of the team again. I want to switch my mind to tomorrow and perform a more perfect program and go home with a smile. I just need to adjust for tomorrow’s free program, so I want to switch my mind and do my best.


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