“I’m a fan of Tuktamysheva, it is such an honor that such a figure skater is rooting for me.” Mihara and Levito about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Posted on 2022-11-13 • 1 comment

Figure skaters who compete at the British Grand Prix spoke about their attitude towards the Russian skater Elizaveta [...]

Mai Mihara: “I was amazed by so many high quality quads performed by Russian ladies. I’d also like to be able to jump a quad.”

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Japanese figure skater Mai Mihara, who won the short program at the Four Continents Championships (72.62 points), [...]

NHK Trophy 2018 short review

Posted on 2018-11-12 • 4 comments

In course of time for every skating fan comes a moment when he need to reconsider his relationships with figure skating [...]

Cup of China 2017 review

Posted on 2017-11-07 • 3 comments

We're in the middle of Gran-prix series, oh time flies so fast. What to say, competitions become weirder and [...]

Cup of China 2017: Check in

Posted on 2017-11-02 • 5 comments

This week we're taking a long flight to China. I guess we found our winners in nomination "How many things we need [...]

Ondrej Nepela Trophy and Autumn Classic International 2017 review

Posted on 2017-09-25 • 10 comments

It's impossible to watch two competitions simultaneously, in different time zones. Well, challenge accepted. For real [...]

Four Continents Championships 2017 review: ladies

Posted on 2017-02-23 • 6 comments

So I continue to share my impression from 4CC, here you can read about ice dance and pairs: Four Continents [...]

Skate America 2016 review

Posted on 2016-10-25 • 13 comments

Sorry for delay, I had to sleep after Skate America) Because I had  8 hour time-difference with Chicago and I spent [...]

Skate America 2016: ladies free program fashion review

Posted on 2016-10-24 • 3 comments

Need to say that all girls looked fabulous! But let's discuss dress from ladies' free program at GP Skate America 2016. [...]

Skate America 2016: ladies short program fashion review

Posted on 2016-10-22 • 7 comments

Grand-prix has started and I'm super excited to discuss costumes. Today I'm sharing my opinion about ladies' dresses [...]

Nebelhorn Trophy 2016 review: why it was sad

Posted on 2016-09-27 • 9 comments

I've always considered Nebelhorn Trophy as an official (for me) beginning of the season. Maybe, because it's not just a [...]

Junior Grand-prix Final. Costume review: ladies free program

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Here is my fashion rankings of the junior ladies free program at Junior Grand-prix Final in Barcelona. №6 Polina [...]

Junior Grand-prix Final. Costumes review: ladies short program

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My fashion results of the ladies short program at Junior Grand-prix Final in Barcelona. №6 Polina [...]

Best dresses from ISU JGP in Linz | ladies free program

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So, let's see who was the most fashionable in the free program. Chiara Calderone (Italy) I like the noble shade [...]

ISU JGP Cup of Austria 2015 preview

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For those who usually doesn't pay a lot of attention to junior competition I'll try to make a short list of whom [...]