“It shouldn’t end like this for Mai. I believe she can do more and more.” Coach Sonoko Nakano and Mai Mihara about her injury

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Translation of Mai Mihara’s comments about her injury.

original source: number.bunshun.jp dd. 7th December 2023 by Takaomi Matsubara

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The winner of last season’s Grand Prix Final, Mai Mihara had to withdraw from Cup of China in early November due to the incomplete recovery of her right ankle injury. Mihara competed in her second GP event, NHK Trophy but it was obvious that she hasn’t completely recovered from the injury yet.

Here’s a translation of Mai’s comments and her coach Sonoko Nakano’s comments about injuty posted on sports Graphic Number Web.

On the day before her short program at the NHK Trophy, Mai said “I don’t think I’ll go into detail about the injury.”

Although she didn’t reveal much at that time, the severity of the injury became apparent as the competition unfolded. Before the performance started, Mihara was tapping her right foot. Looking back on that moment she recalled, “I was told, `Be patient.’When I was skating, I was able to skate with a strong determination, relying on adrenaline and painkillers to get through.”

After the free program, Mihara said “I don’t want to compromise my performance in any situation, and I’ve been working to practice to the maximum extent possible based on the condition of each day. In the free skate, I was able to achieve Level 4 in spins and steps, and I believe that what I’ve been doing was not a mistake.” She also added “Being able to skate until the end despite the lack of practice is the result of over a decade of experience in figure skating.”

Mai’s coach Sonoko Nakano revealed that Mihara had been dealing with pain since the end of the summer, and she couldn’t accumulate practice. Nakano mentioned, “Even walking was a struggle until about a week before the competition.”

Mihara also mentioned how much the support from her audience and fans helped her. “In practice, I often felt down about my current condition, but many people supported me. Even during the six minutes warm-up, I received numerous banners and voices saying, ‘Do your best.’ Keeping myself composed, I could think that it was good to be able to make others feel that way.”

However, despite her smile, Mihara was not completely happy. “The words ‘still not practicing enough for the top level’ sum it up, I think. For the next month, I want to give it everything I have, with all my might.”

Coach Nakano, while acknowledging that recovery won’t happen immediately, offered encouragement: “It shouldn’t end like this for Mihara Mai. I believe she can do more and more.”


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