Madison Chock and Evan Bates: “We didn’t get the free dance right away. We were told a few times that maybe we should consider changing it. But we saw its great potential.”

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Madison Chock and Evan Bates bout their preparation for the 2023 World Championships.

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source: by Maya Bagryantseva

Madison Chock: We love performing in Japan; everything here is always at the highest level; the ice is perfectly prepared, even at morning practice; and today we skated at 7 a.m.; there were so many spectators. Many with posters and flags, and a lot of applause for all the skaters.

Evan Bates: The audience in Japan is simply the best—they understand figure skating, they treat all the skaters with respect, and performing here is pure pleasure.

Madison Chock: Before the World Championships, we slightly changed our rhythm dance; we worked on it a little more than the free dance because, during the season, we didn’t have enough time for it, all our efforts went into reworking the free program. We are in good shape and ready to compete.

Evan Bates: Our season has been both challenging and exciting so far. We didn’t get the free dance right away, but from the very beginning, we saw its great potential and believed that we could convey it to the audience in a way that they would believe in it too. And I think the recent competitions have shown that the dance turned out well.

Madison Chock: Yes, at first, we were told a few times that maybe we should consider changing the free program. We discussed this with Evan and with the coaches, and we realized that we definitely feel a special connection to this dance. And we can show it.


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