Ksenia Stolbova: I turn the last page with a light heart and a sense of pride – I did everything I could

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Ksenia Stolbova on her Instagram account about the decision to retire from competitive figure skating.

Ksenia: Friends, colleagues, figure skating fans! I speak to you about my decision to end my career in sports in order to answer everyone.

In life, circumstances happen that are stronger than your desires and abilities. Contrary to rumors, my decision to leave the sport has nothing to do with competition in the national team. On the contrary, I believe that new champions and new names are the guarantee that our pair skating is in good hands. And even more so, my retirement is not related to scandals around national sports.

People often ask why I came back 2 years ago. You know, I do not regret it at all! On the contrary, I am happy that I had this experience, that I went through this path, began to work and skate in a new way, met so many interesting people, felt warm support and participation in my destiny.

Today, looking back at my life in figure skating today, I thank EVERYONE very much. Thanks to the coaches and all the specialists who brought up not only the athlete in me, but also the personality, they invested in me all the best that they could give. Thanks to my partners for sharing defeats and victories with me.

I bow down to my family and friends, on which I could always rely in the most difficult moments. Thanks to the audience for their love and support. Thanks even to those who did not like me, criticized and condemned – your words made me move forward and work on myself with tripled strength.

Today I am on the threshold of a new life, but I turn the last page with a light heart and a sense of pride – I did everything I could.


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