Kolyada continues sinusitis treatment and will miss Russian Nationals

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Kolyada did not take part in competitions this season due to health problems associated with exacerbation of sinusitis. He also won’t take part in Russian Nationals.

photo RIA novosti / Nina Zotina

Here’s a comment from his coach Valentina Chebotareva:

Misha, started the treatment of sinusitis in September, and still has not returned to trainings yet. He will start training no sooner than all the New Year holidays pass, therefore, of course, he will not perform at the Russian Nationals. While treatment and procedures continue. As for further plans for the season, there is no understanding of how he will perform, because he hasn’t been skating or four months – this is a very long time.

He has a rather complicated disease. While he is not allowed to do any physical exercises.

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