The drama around Alina Zagitova’s decision to take a pause in her career

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Many commented on Alina Zagitova’s decision to take a pause in her career, but the most exciting dialog happened between Tatiana Tarasova, Evgeni Plushenko and team Tutberidze. Enjoy the whole drama.

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So it all started with Tatiana Tarasova’s and Evgeni Plushenko’s comments.

Tatiana Tarasova: Will Alina return or not it’s a stupid question, hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper. I hope that she will find herself, she will have a very interesting life, I want to wish her success in how she will manage it. She didn’t go into nowhere, she went to Tatiana Navka’s show — a wonderful show, she will travel the world, as all outstanding athletes did. And we will be able to see her once a year.

In order to remain interesting to the audience in the show, she needs to train, and she will probably do it. But it’s sad that only three programs measure the lifespan of an Olympic champion.

She is still young and did not learn to lie, we understood what she was talking about, we heard her. We want her a happy life, many people in our country love her, the main thing is that everything in her life turn out well. Of course, she will not return, I think so.

We may not have competitions (in connection with the removal of RUSADA), this is a disaster, and Eteri Tutberidze ensures the country’s victory in ladies’ single skating.

I have great respect for what Alexei Mishin and Liza Tuktamysheva are doing – she had setbacks, achieved nothing in terms of medals, but returned, learned the quadruple toe loop, restored the triple axel. Or our outstanding athlete, two-time world champion Zhenya Medvedeva – pulled herself out of the hole, she is improving. I respect these people, just as I respect the Alina’s opinion – she manages her life herself.

by dd. December 13th, 2019

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Then we had a short comment from Evgeni Plushenko:

Evgeni Plushenko: I think Alina took a pause also to determine with the coaches. Who knows, maybe she will move to another group with other coaches? I do not exclude this option. Alina needs attention worthy of the Olympic champion, she needs to be paid much more time.

She needs to move on – there is still a lot of time ahead, and she is a powerful athlete.

Yes, there was a failure in the Grand Prix Final in Turin, but I had it too – I skated terribly at the Grand Prix, but then I won the World Championships.

by dd. December 14th 2019

Then team Tutberidze replied to Evgeni via Instagram account.

Team Tutberidze: Dear fans and well-wishers of figure skating. After reading many of your interviews and comments, we decided to write to you.

Respect the decision of the greatest athlete and the work of the entire coaching staff, which led Alina Zagitova and other athletes to results that they will be proud of all their lives.

Dear Tatiana Anatolievna Tarasova, in three programs Alina Zagitova showed more sports results than some athletes show in ten. It is unfortunate that at the time of Alina’s greatest achievements, you criticized her so much. Probably because of great love. In this case, we really want to wish the rest of our athletes a little less of your love and care.

Evgeni Plushenko, you cannot be called a coach at the moment. You did not bring up or prepared a single athlete. Your periodic attempts to buy (in the literal sense of the word) ready-made athletes only harm our professional work. You failed to lure Alina, no matter how hard you tried to humiliate us in her eyes. We wish you to raise at least one athlete. True, for this you need to attend the training process.

We wish you all good health. Tutberidze’s coaching staff TGD (Tutberidze, Gleikhengauz, Dudakov).

Both Eteri Tutberidze and Alina Zagitova liked this post.

Evgeni Pluschenko’s reply, also on his Instagram page.

Evgeni Plushenko: Dear Eteri, even the most piercing degree of your dissatisfaction and frustration, can’t excuse your undisguised rudeness to Tatiana Anatolievna Tarasova, a genius and a great coach.

We should listen to any her decisions, opinions and even criticisms and be infinitely grateful even for criticism, since criticism of the smartest and wisest professional is only for the good. If you can hear, of course, instead of being offended and making pouty lips.

And of course I also wish you good and health. Sincerely, not squeezing out through the lips.

and also this:

Evgeni Plushenko: So, dear Eteri! Best let sleeping dogs lie. For your, as you wrote “coaching staff”, Zagitova’s departure, of course, is a loss. I believe that you are upset and this is also understandable.

I understand that for you as a sports manager (you won’t insist that all professionals call you a coach, because Sergei Dudakov puts the entire technical jumping part) Alina brought a tangible income.

As a person who is not quite far from sports and especially figure skating (I hope you won’t dare to question this obvious fact), I was asked to comment on this, of course, sensational news. Of course, I commented.

Watching Alina for a long time, I made some assumptions based on professional criteria.

It seems to me that as a person not inclined to insults or evil sarcasm, I was extremely polite in all statements. Moreover, I do not have the habit of being rude to women. But I was very surprised by your reaction to my words, because it seems to me very boorish.

It is impossible to excuse it, even taking into account the whole frustration from the loss of not only a talented, but also a very profitable project.

I never tried to “lure”, as you write, Alina to my school, like anyone else, all the more humiliating you in her eyes. I understand that it’s very easy to model someone’s actions judging him by you. By golly, Eteri!

If I wanted to “lure” someone, believe me, my authority and resources would be enough for an impressive list, for the whole Plushenko-Team, with good salaries and large sponsorship contracts, but so far there is only Team Tutberidze. Haven’t you messed up anything?

I don’t know for what reasons (perhaps a lack of attention, empathy – athletes are people too, and sometimes they also need a good human attitude like people, and not like machines for knocking out the result), but Alina herself asked me several times at a show in Japan, to give her an advice.

Respecting other people’s contracts and obligations, I, of course, did not intend to intervene outside my competence. Everything depended only on her. I only gave her a few purely professional advice when she thought that she was in a certain impasse, including mastering the quadruple jumps. On this, all my mythical luring ended.

And remind me, by the way, who did you bring up from scratch? Maybe Sasha Trusova or Kamila Valieva, Alena Kostornaia or Anya Shcherbakova? Julia Lipnitskaya or Alina Zagitova? After all, everyone knows that Team Tutberidze takes only prepared children with triple jumps. Of course, you have no equal in luring.

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As for Tatiana Tarasova, she refused to comment the words of team Tutberidze to her address.

Tatiana Tarasova: Go to hell, all of you!



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