Kamila Valieva: You need to learn quadruples when you are still small

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Kamila Valieva told about working with Eteri Tutberidze, quadruple jumps and combining sports with studying.

photo Alexander Kondratyk / RIA Novosti

You have a very strict coach – Eteri Tutberidze. Does she know how to praise or only expresses some complaints?

Kamila: Eteri Georgievna is more a demanding coach. If you do what she requires of you, then she can also praise.

Does she give any life advice?

Kamila: Sometimes she says how to put on makeup better, fix your hair, or something else.

Do you choose costumes yourself?

Kamila: No, Eteri Georgievna chooses. First she looks at the sketches. Then, when a dressmaker brings a ready-made costume, she says what she likes and what not. But it always turns out very beautifully.

How do you manage to jump quadruple jumps? Is there a limit – five rotations, six?

Kamila: As for the limit, I do not know yet. I think there will still be people, children who will do jumps with five, maybe even six rotations in the air.

You need to learn quadruples when you are still small, because closer to 15-17 years old you are already a little scared. Everything that you learned before this age, it seems to me, remains with you.

And what happens in the eyes during a quad jump? The world flashes with terrible speed.

Kamila: Well yes. You don’t really understand, you’re flying, for you it’s just a second – and you should already land, stand and do the next jump.

But do you feel that you managed to do four rotations?

Kamila: Sometimes you fly in the air and think: yes, now there will be a good jump. And sometimes you fly and think: well, if you don’t strain yourself now, then you will fall completely.

How do you manage to study with your sports loads?

Kamila: I try to study, some teachers forgive me something. They say: “Well, go, train.” And some say, “No, please stay. Here’s a test for you – write.”

Obviously, you came to the rink at an early age.

Kamila: Yes, in three and a half years.

Did you want it yourself or did your parents force you?

Kamila: Parents. But they did not force. Mom took me to figure skating, to gymnastics, to ballet, and also to dances. A little later, at the age of five, she said to choose what I like more. I liked figure skating more.

from Morning show on Channel One, text version by Maria Selenkova for sports.ru


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