Jia Shin: “I’m taking some choreography lessons from Yuna Kim, and I’m learning a lot. I think Yuna’s gentle yet strong skating skills are the most amazing.”

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Translation of Jia Shin’s comments about Youth Olympics and working with Yuna Kim.

original source: mfocus.kr dd. 17th November by Jimin Park

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Here’s translation of Jia Shin’s comments made in the interview posted on mfocus.kr.

Last October, Jia Shin qualified for the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 that will be held in Gangwon. “At the moment, it’s the only Olympics I can go to because I’m at this age. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so it feels really special. I think I’ll be a bit nervous and excited. I’m looking forward to events like the opening and closing ceremonies and the athletes’ village where everyone stays together. It’s the first time I’ll be alone, so I’m a bit worried because I have to prepare for everything on my own.”

In preparation for the first round of the national team selection competition in December, Jia Shin is putting in a lot of effort. She is also practicing the free skating step sequence, which is not present in her junior program. Jia Shin, who considers the “step sequence” her favorite non-jumping element, expressed her charm, saying, “Expressing it with edges to the music is attractive.” Recently, she has been working with Kim Yuna, striving to enrich her choreography.

“I think Yuna’s gentle yet strong skating skills are the most amazing. After trying it myself, I realized it’s incredibly challenging. Being strong and gentle at the same time. But since Yuna achieved it, I think that’s the most amazing, and I feel like I have to achieve it too. Yuna’s expression and emotional acting are so good. She’s good at everything… (laughs). I like strong acting and charisma too.

These days, I’m taking some choreography lessons from Yuna, learning a lot. From Yuna teacher (laughs). If I get the chance, I want to try something more powerful. I want to try tango, and I also want to do a program like a whirlwind, like a Danse Macabre.”


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