“He was kind of lost, but now he’s back on track.” Franca Bianconi about Matteo Rizzo

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Franca Bianconi about Matteo Rizzo and Olympics.

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“I’m so happy. He’s been working very hard – like everybody else of course, but it will be a good push for him to go on from here.” said Bianconi about Rizzo’s success at the European Championships.

“It’s like when you know how to deal with your goals, with your fears, with your attitude. Now he’s “driving his car” well. He had a moment where he was kind of lost, but now he’s back on track. And even in practice, he is really focused. He listens, but we also discuss training programs and strategies and he also takes his time off when he needs it. So he has grown, and he knows how to manage himself much better.”

About pressure of home Olympics

“It’s in our minds for sure. But it’s excitement, not pressure at the moment. Maybe the pressure will come. But now it is just something exciting that everybody is looking forward to. I mean, the Olympics is always the dream for each skater, and the Olympics at home is a double dream. I think everyone is really happy and looking forward to reaching the goal: to be part of this fantastic event.”


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