Alexander Samarin: Quad lutz and flip are no longer a crazy risk, it is a deliberate decision

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Interview with Alexander Samarin about quad jumps and the result of the first half of the season. by Anna Kozina [...]

Inna Goncharenko: In Japan they also learn quads and axels. Just keep quiet

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Inna Goncharenko summed up the result of Grand Prix series, shared her opinion about Alina Zagitova, Alena Kostornaia, [...]

Inna Goncharenko: One coach cannot represent a huge country. This is utopia and this is wrong

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Inna Goncharenko summed up the results of the Grand Prix series and assessed the prospects of Russian figure skaters [...]

Alexei Mishin: Biased assessment of “fully rotated – under rotated” jumps deprived Samodurova of a real fourth place

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Alexei Mishin about Sofia Samodurova's performance at NHK Trophy 2019 and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's jumps. Alexei [...]

Alena Kostornaia: First I need to deal with the axels, then start talking about quads

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Alena Kostornaia commented on her victory at NHK Trophy 2019. Alena: I'm glad that I was able to skate the [...]

Inna Goncharenko: Medvedeva showed the best performance among all participants at Rostelecom Cup

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Inna Goncharenko shared her impressions about ladies' competitions at Rostelecom Cup 2019. photoJoosep Martinson - [...]

Mariah Bell: It’s much easier for me to jump now then it was at the age of 15

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Two interviews with Mariah Bell for Russian media after her bronze medal at Rostelecom Cup 2019. Seems Mariah was [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: Free program in Canada we skated together – me and fans

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In the interview for Russian Channel 1 Evgenia Medvedeva told how she coped with the unsuccessful short program at the [...]

Anna Shcherbakova: You watch how others jump, and it doesn’t seem so difficult for you anymore

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Interview with Anna Shcherbakova after her two victories at the Grand Prix series 2019. by Vladislav Zhukov for [...]

Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov: We want to be leaders without help of any superpowers

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Interview with Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov about their victory at the Grand Prix in China and plans for [...]

Brian Orser: Medvedeva skates like never before

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Rostelecom Cup is coming soon, Brian Orser about Evgenia Medvedeva's shape and goals for next GP. Brian Orser: I [...]

Tatiana Tarasova: Tuktamysheva has the best lutz in the world

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Tatiana Tarasova commented on Anna Scherbakova's and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's performance in the short program at Cup [...]

Alexander Zhulin: Alena Kostornaia is the embodiment of all the best in figure skating

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Alexander Zhulin summed up some intermediate result of Grand Prix series 2019. by Vladimir Zayviy for [...]

Alina Zagitova: I didn’t want to compete, but now I skate with pleasure

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Short interview with Alina Zagitova after Grand Prix in France. by Anatoli Samokhvalov for [...]

Ilia Averbukh: To fight on equal terms, Medvedeva needs a quadruple jump

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Ilia Averbukh commented on Alexandra Trusova and Evgenia Medvedeva's performance at Skate Canada 2019. Ilia: [...]

Nathan Chen: Any sport is a story about how to get better day by day

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya's interview with Nathan Chen. After Grand Prix Skate America 2019. by Elena Vaitsekhovskaya [...]

Brian Orser: I’m very proud that Medvedeva didn’t give up

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Brian Orser commented on Evgenia Medvedeva's performance at Skate Canada 2019. After the short program: Brian: I [...]

Evgenia Medvedeva: I don’t even know what happened. At the moment, this isn’t what I wanted

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Evgenia Medvedeva commented on her performance at Skate Canada 2019. by dd. October 27th, 2019 Today [...]

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva: The third place is also not so bad

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva about her performance at Skate America 2019. video interview for dd October [...]

Inna Goncharenko: Tuktamysheva is not the queen of PCS, but sevens – it is too low

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Inna Goncharenko summed up the results of Russian skaters at the first Grand Prix Skate America 2019. by Dmitri [...]

Alexei Mishin: Liza is the guiding star for skaters who are older than 15 and weigh more than 40 kg

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Alexei Mishin about Elizaveta Tuktamysheva's performance at Grand Prix Skate America 2019. Alexei Mishin: It is [...]

Rafael Arutyunyan: Chen strives to all quad jumps in the program, including axel

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Elena Vaitsekhovskaya talked with Rafael Arutyunyan before Skate America 2019. He told about Nathan Chen quad jumps [...]

Alena Kostornaia: Of course, it’s very disappointing when everyone does it, but you don’t

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Interview with Alena Kostornaia after her first senior victory at the Finlandia Trophy 2019. by [...]

Alena Kostornaia: For sure I will jump triple axel in the free program. Let’s see one or two

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Short interview with Alena Kostornaia after the short program at Finlandia Trophy 2019. by [...]