Alexandra Trusova: “I’m very comfortable with Evgeni Plushenko. Talks that I’m going back to Eteri Tutberidze are just rumors.”

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Because of her transfer from Tutberidze to Plushenko, Sasha Trusova has faced such a huge pressure that not every adult can stand. Lately, a lot has changed in her life, but not the main thing – she still fanatically loves figure skating and clearly knows what she wants.

We discussed her scores this season, and the victory over the men at the Channel One Cup, Plushenko’s cottages and the scandalous “like” of the commentary about Tutberidze, possibility of returning to Chrustalny, and much more.

source: dd. 20th February 2021, by Alexei Adamov and Grant Getadaryan

photo avtrusova

Sasha, recently the video of your exhibition program was shared by Sharon Stone. How did you find out about this from and what was your reaction?

Alexandra Trusova: Parents told me. It is very pleasant that people note my skating and want to share their impressions with others. Of course, I know that Sharon Stone is a popular actress, but I haven’t watched any films with her yet. I think now I will definitely watch something (smiles).

After a short program at the Channel One Cup, fans threw you a bunch of banana-shaped fluffy toys. Surprised by this choice?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes, at first I was surprised, because the bananas immediately caught my eye: they are very bright yellow, there were a lot of them. And only later I found out why the fans made such a choice. In 2019, I skated at the Japan Open. There I was asked to take a picture with the channel symbol, and it was a banana. The fans found this photo and decided to throw bananas on the ice.

Was your mindset for the Channel One Cup very different from official competitions? Still, this is a rather specific event.

Alexandra Trusova: Of course, it was very unusual. There was a new discipline – the jumping competitions. And the fact that it was a team event. Before that, I’ve taken part in a team competitions only once. I am glad that I had an opportunity to participate in the Channel One Cup, because the format and atmosphere were very different from the usual competitions, and this was a very interesting experience. At some moments, especially during the jumping competitions, there was a feeling of a show, but I set myself up to skating my programs like at any other competitions.

Many say that the Channel One Cup helped the skaters of the Russian national team to rally. Did you feel it?

Alexandra Trusova: During these days, we have managed to get closer with the guys from our team. We talked a lot during the competitions, supported each other, worried. All the skaters of our team turned out to be very lively, sincere. Overall, it was great to have that kind of team experience.

What was it like to skate in the team of Zhenya Medvedeva? Did she give you any advice before the performance?

Alexandra Trusova: Before the performances, Zhenya did not approach the athletes, did not say anything. Everyone prepares in his own way, so I think she did it right. And already during the skating and after, Zhenya, along with the whole team, was cheering, told very pleasant words of support.

What did you talk about with the captain, besides figure skating?

Alexandra Trusova: About dogs (smiles).

photo avtrusova

Remind me how many dogs you have now.

Alexandra Trusova: Three. Directly mine – Chihuahua Tina, she is already seven years old, and Lana the poodle, she is one and a half years old. And Husky Jack, who is 11 months old, but it’s more my brother’s dog. Jack lives outside, but sometimes comes into the house. And then there is a cat, which appeared in a rather interesting way. It was the last day of the training camp in Novogorsk in 2019, and someone planted a box of kittens on the ice arena. I took one, and for three more Alina found home through social networks.

Did the scores at the Channel One Cup have any meaning for you or was only the quality of skating important?

Alexandra Trusova: For me, scores almost never play a special role. It is important for me to do my own job and get better every time.

You participated in the Japan Open team event, which is somewhat similar to the Channel One Cup. Can you compare these competitions by the level of organization, by the atmosphere?

Alexandra Trusova: In fact, these events are quite different. In Japan, there was no jumping competitions or short program – only free program and gala. Plus three teams participated there, and we have two. But I liked both the Japan Open and the Channel One Cup, because both were organized at the highest level, and you could feel the support of the fans.

In general, figure skating is very popular in Japan, so it’s always a pleasure to perform there. In the team event, we skated in a very large arena, but there was not a single empty seat in the stands. I have not seen such at the competitions in Russia yet, but this season there are restrictions on the number of spectators due to coronavirus. Those spectators who come to competitions always give us a very warm support, many thanks them for that.

Do you feel that there is much less hate in relation to figure skaters in Japan than in Russia?

Alexandra Trusova: I can’t say that. My fans love me very much.

The idea of holding the Channel One Cup in the “Russia versus world” format is being actively discussed. What do you think about it?

Alexandra Trusova: I think it would be very interesting for both skaters and fans. I would love to take part in such an event.

You have been talking about the desire to compete with men for a long time, and the opportunity presented itself. Did you like the jumping competitions?

Alexandra Trusova: In principle, I liked it. The only thing it was hard because this competitions took place before the team event. After it there was a feeling that competitions were over, and there were still short and free programs ahead. In this regard, it was not easy. Well, I also think that the fight with the boys was not entirely fair, because everything was done for us. If not only they repeated after us, but we also repeated after them, the conditions would be more equal. Repeating someone else’s jump is more difficult than choosing any element yourself. Perhaps we also wouldn’t be able to repeat everything.

Are there any other points that could be improved in the jumping competitions?

Alexandra Trusova: I would add a second try, so you can take risks. That is, on the first attempt to make a jump which you’re sure of, and on the second one to try your most difficult jump, without fear of failing it and letting the team down.

At the jumping competitions, many expected a quadruple loop from you. Why did you decide not to do it?

Alexandra Trusova: Firstly, the rules of the jumping competitions did not allow me to jump other quadruples, except for the lutz, because in all rounds I had to perform my most difficult jump, the most expensive one. So there was simply nowhere to try it. Secondly, I don’t jump the quadruple loop so consistently that I can just go and do it.

When do you think it will be ready?

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t know yet, I cannot say.

Coach Sergei Alekseev said before the Channel One Cup that you still have problems with your leg. How are you feeling now? Does the injury greatly affect the training process?

Alexandra Trusova: I’ve never talk about health problems. It’s not over yet. But, firstly, I’m already used to it, and secondly, it gets better every day. Hope everything will be fine soon.

At the Russian Nationals and at the Channel One Cup, you did without a triple axel. Is this also because of the injury?

Alexandra Trusova: Yes. For a while, I could not jump the axel, because it hurted while performing it.

What is the likelihood that we will see this jump at the World Championships?

Alexandra Trusova: You will see everything at the competitions (smiles).

You have changed your costumes several times this season. Are there any difficulties when changing costumes?

Alexandra Trusova: After changing the coach, we had to look for a new designer. We spent a long time choosing the right person, and therefore we changed costumes. For me, there are no difficulties in changing costumes, in principle, I don’t care about the costume. The main thing is that now I like both my costumes.

If it’s not a secret, how much are your costumes costing this season?

Alexandra Trusova: The federation pays for all the costumes, so I don’t even know the exact amount.

The trick with spikes in a free program caused a mixed reaction from the fans. Who came up with this idea?

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t remember who suggested it, but everyone liked this idea and we decided to try it. Designer Anastasia Shvedchikova brought this idea to life. It took a long time to get all the spikes to appear at the right time – they opened earlier and later. There were certain difficulties, but now everything is ok.

Evgeni Plushenko reacts very emotionally to your scores. How comfortable are you with him in the kiss and cry?

Alexandra Trusova: I am very comfortable with Evgeni Viktorovich. Not only in the kiss and cry, but in general at any time, we have a very good team.

Outside the cameras, do you discuss judges decisions with the coaches?

Alexandra Trusova: No, scores are not discussed with me. I am working on my mistakes and shortcomings.

Evgeny Viktorovich has repeatedly made claims to the judges. Do you feel that the attitude of the judges has changed after you’ve changed a coach?

Alexandra Trusova: I don’t feel it (smiles).

Was there a moment this season when you were particularly upset about the scores?

Alexandra Trusova: No, for me the scores themselves do not mean anything.

Even after unsuccessful performances, you do not look heartbroken and even smile. What can really upset you?

Alexandra Trusova: In training, many elements turn out almost always, but in competitions there are some failures. It makes me upset, but I never show it because people don’t need to look at it. They came to look at me joyful and cheerful (smiles).

In general, does the current judging system suit you or would you change something?

Alexandra Trusova: I would leave it as it is. If only I could do a lot of jumps, but in every program we have a restrictions on the number of jumps and combinations. But in general everything suits me.

How long did it take to get used to the new working conditions after changing the coach?

Alexandra Trusova: Still, my former and current coaches have a different approach, so at first it was difficult. There are differences both in the training process and during the competition. Much is not how it was before. But now we understand what we should do both in training and at the competitions, so now everything is fine.

Plushenko’s new academy in the Moscow region is impressive. How are you doing there?

Alexandra Trusova: I really like the new skating rink. It’s great that it is located in the suburbs, in the fresh air. Plus, there is only our group, only Evgeni Viktorovich’s skaters, so there are no problems with the amount of ice. And, of course, it’s great that the house he built for me is nearby, so that I don’t waste time on the road.

Tell us more about your cottage.

Alexandra Trusova: It is located on the Evgeny Viktorovich’s land plot. The cottage has two floors, three rooms and a kitchen. I live there with my mother and two dogs, and on weekends I go home.

In general, was this idea of living in a separate cottage on the territory of the academy was discussed before your transfer or appeared after you became the “Angel of Plushenko”?

Alexandra Trusova: Training conditions were mainly discussed with Evgeni Viktorovich by my parents. The only thing, he promised to build a new ice rink and he did it.

Tell us about your typical day at the academy?

Alexandra Trusova: I wake up at about 7:30 am, have breakfast and go to the rink. In the morning, there is usually either a warm-up, or general physical training, or choreography. Then ice. Then a little cool down, I go home, have lunch, rest a little. Then I’m back to the skating rink. Again, it’s either a warm-up, or general physical training, or dancing. Then another ice, cool down. In the evening I return home and almost every day I study with the teachers on Skype. And sometimes at nine in the evening I go back to the skating rink to work on skating skills.

photo avtrusova

It is clear that in such a schedule there is almost no free time. But still, how do you like to relax? Maybe there is some hobby besides figure skating?

Alexandra Trusova: On weekends I like to cook, especially something sweet. My best dish is “nuts with caramelized milk”. Sometimes I cook for the entire skating rink, especially often Dmitri Sergeevich (Mikhailov. – ed) asks to cook it (smiles).

Has there been a moment when you regretted changing your coach?

Alexandra Trusova: Not.

After your decision, there were many unpleasant comments, including from the director of Sambo-70 Renat Laishev and choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov. Did this reaction hurt you?

Alexandra Trusova: I do not know entirely what they said. I use the Internet, but I only go to social networks to post something.

Can you comment on someone’s post, liked it?

Alexandra Trusova: No, I never do that.

That is, you are not involved in the recent story with a ‘liked’ insulting comment about Eteri Georgievna?

Alexandra Trusova: No.

How did it happen that this “like” was from your account?

Alexandra Trusova: My Instagram account gets hacked very often. Since November alone, Instagram and email have been hacked five times. But all the people who know me and were once familiar with me, including, I think, Eteri Georgievna, know that I do not like anything and do not comment.

There was no reaction from Tutberidze after this story?

Alexandra Trusova: No.

Recently, there have been rumors about your possible return to “Chrustalny”. Are there any grounds for them?

Alexandra Trusova: Talks that I’m going back to Eteri Georgievna are just rumors. I’m currently training and will train with Evgeni Plushenko.

The director of your former school “Sambo-70” said that with your transfer you greatly upset the guys with whom you studied, and almost betrayed the holy childhood friendship. How many friends did you lose when you chose a new coach?

Alexandra Trusova: The fact is that I studied on an individual basis, so I almost never saw my classmates and did not even know their names. As for friends, I have not lost anyone. All the girls from the Eteri Georgievna’s group communicate with me the same way as we communicated before.

In the summer, you told your followers that you were learning English. How is it going? Are you satisfied with your level at the moment?

Alexandra Trusova: In quarantine, I spent a lot of time studying English, but then, when training began, I almost stopped studying. So far, of course, I think that my level is not good enough. I’ll continue to learn it.

You can be called the record holder for the number of Guinness records among figure skaters. Are you planning to add any new achievements to the famous book?

Alexandra Trusova: If it works out, then, of course, a loop.

What goals do you set for yourself in figure skating for the near future?

Alexandra Trusova: I always strive to skate clean, with a lot of quadruple jumps. And if we talk about competitions, then, of course, the main goal is the Olympics.


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  1. Carolina says:

    Sasha, I wish you wery well! Smart girl! Due to your answers we can see, how you are grown up.
    With pleasure I saw your improvements with Plushenko and I’m happy for you. Great music, very good and intersting programms, your scating is in general better, much more attractive. It is a pity, that Aljona not went away earlier bevor the world championships. But in the most imprtant year 2021/2022 I hope, that you have all the attention of all great specialists in Plushis team, of Plushi, perhaps of Rozanow again (the goal is all), of women-coaches (in expression). I wish you a great benefit. It was for you the best decision to go peaceful, in a sensibel way from Eteris team away, were you were only a number. I cross my fingers for the WC 2021 and hope only the best for you. You are a great girl, kind, modest and high talented ans so devoted to this sport. Your motivation! I am honest: earlier you were not my favorite, jumps and jumps and nothing between. But now – a lovely girl, alsmost young Lady with a great pleasure, great improvements. You became my favorite now! …. But in competitions: leave your dogs out!

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