Yana Rudkovskaya: “Valieva started a jump show before the judges gave the scores! Competition is not a show.”

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Yana Rudkovskaya about Kamila Valieva’s attempts to jump quadruple toe loop after her performance at the Russian Grand Prix in Kazan.

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Yana Rudkovskaya: There is a show format and there is a competition format, which has clear regulations and gives equal conditions for all athletes. If the rules are for everyone, then everyone should follow them. This year, Sasha Trusova and Sofia Titova got a deduction for late start – three seconds of delay. Sofia Muravieva got a deduction at the Russian Nationals last year – in an hour after the marks were given.

Kamila did something that no one had done before in the history of figure skating! She started a jump show before the judges gave the scores! I don’t want Kamila to be punished like our girls were. But I want the same attitude towards athletes, impartiality and respect for coaches, judges, other participants of the competitions. What is not allowed to anyone, should not be allowed to one.

Well, really, if we say that this is a Grand Prix series, then we have some rules, there should be some standards – and not double ones, but quality standards. There is exhibition gala to show what you could not show in the program! Competition is not a show. And such things are unacceptable!

I speak not only as the wife of an athlete, a coach and a legend of world sports, but also as a person who invests in children’s and youth sports, and in particular in figure skating! I asked Evgeni, he said that such hasn’t happened at any competitions in the world!

You can do such things in jumping competition, but definitely not at the official starts, which we position as a replacement for the international Grand Prix series!


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