“I feel the artistic image of Roxanne, which I portray in tango in a free program, very well.” 14 year-old Veronika Zhilina about her programs

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Veronika Zhilina told about her programs.

photo by Vladimir Pesnia RIA Novosti

source: RSport

At the beginning of the season, you changed the short program. Why?

Veronika Zhilina: I liked the French music for the first short program, but I didn’t feel the artistic image at all. The “Swan” by Saint-Saens is much closer to me.

Does the feeling of not getting into the artistic image come from technical mistakes?

Veronika Zhilina: No, it just becomes not interesting to skate. Even in training.

How do you work on the artistic side of the programs?

Veronika Zhilina: I have to work hard. The first hour of training is on the floor from 8:15 am, it is considered a warm-up. Then two hours of ice, three hours break. After that, there is a warm-up and ice again.

It turns out that the working day of a 14-year-old athlete is at least six hours.

Veronika Zhilina: Two days a week we have one ice.

What helps to maintain such a schedule?

Veronika Zhilina: Proper nutrition and daily routine. A good physical training coach Ivan Skobrev works with us. The main thing, probably, is the desire to achieve great victories in figure skating.

This season you have two very mature programs. Don’t you feel older than your are skating this programs?

Veronika Zhilina: I feel older than last season. I became more confident. I try to skate in competitions the same way I skate in training. And I feel very well the artistic image of Roxanne, which I portray in tango in a free program.


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