Ekaterina Kurakova: “I live with the hope that the pandemic is about to end and everything will return to normal.”

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Two-time Polish champion Ekaterina Kurakova, who worked with Brian Orser in Toronto before the pandemic, in an interview with Sport24 told how the current season was for her.

source: sport24.ru dd. 21st March 2021 by Konstantin Lesik

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Ekaterina Kurakova: For me, as well as for everyone elese, this year was not easy. I had to overcome difficulties all the time, to adapt to the new reality. But at the same time, I felt that these difficulties gave me a push for self-development and the search for new solutions. I spent most of the season in Poland, practicing a lot on my own.

In the summer I went to France for one week to choreograph a free program with Benoit Richaud. It was a new and very interesting collaboration for me! A huge amount of work has been done in a week. I also went to Italy twice, where I trained with Lorenzo Magri and had the opportunity to work on choreography with Benoit. I am very grateful for this opportunity and all specialists for cooperation! In general, I regard the season as non-standard, but fruitful!

Kurakova also answered a question about the prospects for further work with Brian Orser.

Ekaterina Kurakova: The whole season, starting from the day I left Canada, I lived and live with the hope that the pandemic is about to end and everything will return to normal. At the same time, I am aware that in the upcoming very important season I need a coach by my side. I cannot foresee how everything will turn out, so my team and I will be looking for a solution to this issue.


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