Tamara Moskvina: “We changed the music for Boikova – Kozlovskii short program, because it had a tragic connotation”

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Tamara Moskvina explained why before the World Championships European Champions Alexandra Boikova and Dmitri Kozlovskii decided to change the music for the short program.

source: fsrussia.ru dd.22d March 2021 by Olga Ermolina and Tatjana Flade

Tamara Moskvina: Sasha and Dima changed the music for the short program. Now it is a waltz from the Japanese cartoon “Howl’s Moving Castle”. Arthur Minchuk, me and the guys did it only because the music from the movie “The Captivating Star of Happiness” had a tragic connotation, it’s the music for a movie about the Decembrists. The nature of the music presupposed suffering, and this made the program tense and harsh. And we decided to try another option, in order to give lightness, optimism, that we are all happy, since the World Championships will finally take place.

The arrangement of the elements, everything as the program was planned will remain unchanged. This program was talentedly choreographed by Alexander Zhulin, a wonderful choreographer and coach. A new version of the music was proposed by Nikolai Morozov. We changed only the music, and I explained why.


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