Elena Ilinykh: I think children are from God. I always wanted a child

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Elena Ilinykh a mother on January 16 this year. The father of the child is a famous ballet dancer Sergei Polunin.

Interview for Hello magazine (partly translated) and really beautiful photos of the couple.

photo Stephanie Pistel / Hello!

Tell us, when did the miracle happen?

Sergei: January 16th. By the way, I first wrote to Lena on Instagram on February 20, 2019, and we met only a month later. Recently we laughed about it, we’re together less than a year but we already have a child.

And, of course, the question that interests everyone: what is the name of the heir?

Elena: At first, everyone convinced us that we’re having a girl. Then I instantly came up with a name and said that I would not listen to anyone. And I promised that if it’s a boy, then dad will choose the name.

Sergei: For two days our child lived without a name. I had about nine options, including Sergei, Samson, Shiva. I called the baby by different names and looked at his reaction. He didn’t react to any of them, he cried from some. But when I said Mir, it seemed to me that he responded.

In the American passport he will be Mir Sergei Polunin, and in the Russian one he will be Mir Sergeyevich Polunin. I like that it is a short and powerful name. Both World and Peace at the same time.

photo Stephanie Pistel / Hello!

How did you find out about pregnancy?

Elena: On my birthday, April 25th, I thought that I really want a child. And Seryozha somehow, probably, read it energetically. A month later, I already knew that I was pregnant.

Why did you decide not to share this important news?

Sergei: Some primordial instincts worked for me: I tried to protect both Lena and the baby. Each of us has our own fans. We have both good support and ill-wishers. It turned out that, on the one hand, I wanted to scream about Lena’s pregnancy, and on the other, I tried to protect the most dear and close people.

photo Stephanie Pistel / Hello!

Have you already thought, who would you like to see your son in the future? Maybe a skater or a dancer?

Elena: I’m definitely not going to engage him in figure skating. I would like my son to continue his father’s path, because Seryozha has his own unique vision of ballet. It’s very cool when there is such an example. But if the child does not have necessary abilities or desire for this, no one will force him.

It seems to me that raising a boy is more about his father, and I plan to give him love, support, teach him some kind of female wisdom.

photo Stephanie Pistel / Hello!

I know how Seryozha lives, his principles, what freedom he has, how he thinks, how he talks, what his priorities are. I have no questions how he will raise our son.

I think children are from God. I always wanted a child, but never voiced this desire to Seryozha. He felt me.

photo Stephanie Pistel / Hello!


3 Responses to “Elena Ilinykh: I think children are from God. I always wanted a child”

  1. Lana says:

    Let’s pray this woman won’t get fat after having a child because her husband is known chauvinist and hates fat people that he told many times on TV. I think its very difficult to live with somebody like this who charge you only on your looks. God help help to be slim and young forever and be happy with this man.

  2. jack says:

    They are indeed a gift from God. Through our children God reminds us how deeply He loves us, too. Imagine being loved by God just like we love the tiny, helpless beings that we create!

  3. jimmbboe says:

    Congratulations to them! Love these photos!

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