Alena Kostornaia: I wish myself to upset less and to work more

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Alena Kostornaia about her performance at the Russian Nationals 2020.

Alena: It was hurtful, there was a fairly large margin after a short program, but then it was not enough in a free program, which means that I need to try new elements and complicate the program. And skate clean, without on losing those jumps, where I could get a lot of pluses.

I will be more serious and attentive to everything, more disciplined.

I tried a quadruple salchow. While it is a rough jump that needs to be mastered. The trajectory is steady, which means I have chances.

Is there a task to learn all the quadruple jumps? No, more likely, this is the task for Sasha (Trusova), and not for her entire career, but for a record short time. I go step by step. My task is to enjoy what I do, and to be among such an athletes is already a joy.


Alena: I’m glad that I was able to qualify for the European Championships. Of course, the skate (free program) was not very good, I can still work on the elements.

In general, I’m happy with the first half of the season, there were more gold medals than silver ones. Of course, this is very good. I will also take part in a show in Italy, after which I will prepare for the European Championships, I guess.

This is your third Russian Nationals. Can you compare where it was most difficult to perform?

– The hardest was to skate here. It is not connected with any responsibility, with the fact that something was pressing on me.

Just it was a week later, with each year they move it a week later, it is very difficult. Plus, it’s almost holidays, everyone is already so half-relaxed, and you work, work.

And, probably, a long flight, longer than at all the other Russian Nationals. Fatigue builds up. Probably, it was harder here, but the audience supported. I hope I have not disappointed anyone.

What would you wish yourself for the New Year?

– To upset less and work more.

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